Jesuits - Gadget 116 - Ergotron LX Dual LCD Arm

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JAKM Gaming: been looking for a review that shows how much space you would need behind the monitor for the arms

Andreas Anastasiou: Can you mount 27 " displays? How can you know that the back of the display mounts or are they all similar in dimensions?

whitepearlrolla: With the 2 24" monitors pushed as far as apart as possible. what is the distance between them? Im looking to fit a 3rd monitor in between them (not attached to the arms). Thanks.

adx: lol 1 or 2 or 3 or...8 Haha

C Gerlach: It is too short to stand up with at your desk unless you are under 6ft tall.

Armaan Almeida: I bought one...thanks for posting this review.

Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ: @merts487, :)

Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ: @merts487, Of course! :) . Peace, Fr. Robert

DJ LAZAR: @gadgettts Yes, I have one stand at the moment for the iMac, but i need 2 Monitors to work easerly with cubase 5. The iMac wight is 13,9Kg and the Samsungs 10Kg, so I read about 19Kg for that LX Dual Stand and only with 24" Monitors, so I´m a little bit nervous if I buy that LX DUAL STAND over Internet? I have bought and install the Vesa mount on the mac.

Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ: @DJLAZARTHEREAL, Do you want to mount the iMac as a monitor? How much do the two units weigh and do they both have VESA mounts on the back? Peace, Fr. Robert

DJ LAZAR: @gadgettts I Have a 27" iMac and a second 26" Monitor. Will it work with it? Thx

Shadow Image: Hi, I'm wondering how close can you get any one of the displays to you? I'm considering using this arm with a Cintiq UX2 (a graphic tablet display) but also have a standard LCD. Could you bring it down to you, say at keyboard level?

indiem: Fr. Robert - thank-you for this review, it was very informative. Now that I've bought one, I certainly agree with everything you say about the LX. I've now got my twin 24" BX2440 Samsungs off my desk saving loads of space. Fantastic review. God bless you!

Pezzonovante: Thanks for this review! Lots of depth.

Boris Poludo: you are saying it can be found online at $220.00 I tried looking up, I found one for $247.00 on ergodirect website but it doesn't look like the one you are showing in your video. The description is the same: "Ergotron 45-245-026 LX Dual Side-by-Side Desk Mount LCD Monitor Arm 45245026 " but it looks different. Where can I find the one you are showing?

Gilberto Perera: BTW - I ended up getting the Ergotron LX (previous model) it was $50 cheaper than the one you reviewed, but just as effective. Thx again for a thorough review.

Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ: @ndrone, This WILL work with two 27" monitors... it's just not rated for it. (I've tried it though) . Peace, Fr. Robert

Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ: @gilsmethod Thanks for taking the time to comment. It's much appreciated! . Peace, Fr. Robert

Gilberto Perera: Great review...Thanks for taking the time to post it. Very useful.

Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ: mjktrash, Thanks for watching... I hope you'll enjoy some of our other reviews! As for some of the comments about faith/Jesus/religion/etc, I'm used to them. Some people have a genuine question about why a Catholic Priest is playing with tech. Others need to vent their anger about the Jesuits/Catholic/Believers. Still others just like to cause grief. -- I never take it too personally. . Peace, Fr. Robert P.S. If you play the video backwards, you WILL hear my sermon. ;-)
Jesuits - gadget 116 - Ergotron LX Dual LCD Arm 5 out of 5

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Jesuits - gadget 116 - Ergotron LX Dual LCD Arm