Flybrix Mini-Review: 'Build Your Own Drones Using LEGO Bricks'

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Flybrix Mini-Review: "Build Your Own Drones Using LEGO Bricks"
Flybrix Mini-Review: "Build Your Own Drones Using LEGO Bricks"
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The Exploding Drone!
Drone Girl Builds Flybrix's Lego Drone
Drone Girl Builds Flybrix's Lego Drone
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Flybrix is a crashable Lego drone
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gary orourke: I superglued mine, boom

Robert Petitto: As a user of FlyBrix, I have to say that your video was indeed entertaining. I've also been successful in a few custom builds. Head to the FlyBrix Forums and check em out. Also, some rubber bands work wonders!

Flybrix: Thank you for your honest review and we're sorry it wasn't a positive out-of-box experience for you -- we rushed out a new firmware update before Christmas, shortly after you posted this review, which addressed the responsiveness of the default configuration. We also posted the sturdy quad build which should address the disintegrating issue.

I'm glad you appreciated the depth of software support and instructions provided, I hope you'd try the new build and firmware and tell us what you think.

Feri K. - Aerodron: Excellent video - Big thumbs up !!! Visit us

Benjamin Keller: love your videos! sorry this model was sort of a flop :-\. I had a question for you (if you have the time to reply); if you had to pick the best small quadcopter out of all those reviewed, which one would you choose? I'm trying to buy a more reliable small one to play with and the one I bought seems to have a lot of problems.

thanks for any response!

creesch: As someone that did play a lot with lego back in the day and tried to make structurally challenging things (bridge spanning the entire bedroom and all that), when first seeing those designs I already said to myself "that really isn't going to work".

It probably can, but when you have arms attached with just one point it is sure as hell going to fail.

Since it is a bit hard to explain I hit up google and found my self a digital lego builder to demonstrate it:


Doing something like this would make it structurally much more sound.

It is a bit weird they included the designs they did to be honest., because if you do it properly it can work rather well. I mean, this guy made a RC Airplane of lego without glue and that worked just fine

I am mostly typing this because I could hear your disappointment and figured that with a bit of adjustments you can have rather fun workable designs.

Tim Robinson: I laughed so hard my arms and legs fell off !! ....
PS: did you tell a joke or tickle this machine at lift off time ?? ;)
PPS: Glue crossed my mind too , so why not the manufacturers' mind ?

Michael Thompson: Another entertaining and informative video!
Bummer about the product though. Such promise it shows.

slebdad: Great video and review. You are right, I think they missed the mark. The brick should have been set up to fly for a noobie. And it appears Glue is needed which takes the point away from the whole kit.

Shad8x: This video is definitely the best in terms of editing and entertainment, amazing dude, that intro was awesome, im seriously impressed. I dont doubt it took a long time to put together, as always tho, definitely was worth it.
I didnt expect this, hm, product, to be reviewed by you.
Pretty bad from what i can see, but I didnt expect more from something made out of Lego bricks. And that price, ugh, makes everything so much worse. Oh well, hopefully they will improve, potential is still here. I wish them only good, concept itself is awesome.

Blank Steve: Maybe they should include a tube of super glue.
Flybrix Mini-Review: "Build Your Own Drones Using LEGO Bricks" 5 out of 5

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