History Of Gaming Consoles (1958-2012)

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The History Of Video Game Console 1972   2014
The History Of Video Game Console 1972 2014
The Evolution of Gaming Consoles Shows How Far We’ve Come
The Evolution of Gaming Consoles Shows How Far We’ve Come
History of Video Games
History of Video Games
Game Timeline 1958-2009
Game Timeline 1958-2009
‡ AGE OF ATARI ‡ 1st and 2nd Generation Consoles ‡ GAMING WARS 1
‡ AGE OF ATARI ‡ 1st and 2nd Generation Consoles ‡ GAMING WARS 1

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Thunfischヅ: Nice.

Tyler Keck: You missed SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much

hoza liviu: awseome song

Vsyakaya huinya: Where is Dendy?

RoofieTV: FM Towns Marty?! What the freak?!

Rodrigo Fernandes: lol ps4 is nothing like that!! :D

Niklas Sølvberg: The Nintendo Entertainment System. What a machine, what a machine... :)

Daddy Alexis: where is the playsation portble (psp)

Saeed Halaby: By the way, no mention of atari jaguar?

Saeed Halaby: Casio, apple, neogeo and cdi hahahahahaha , those are funny. I still remember I wanted to get the Neo geo badly back in 93, but it was so damn expensive

Xaber Gamer: You should remake this and put some more effort, ps1 began 3D gaming, X360 revolutionized online gaming and Ps3 had alot more than just free online :/

Grobanite Clunatic: Woah, Apple actually released a gaming console? Didn't know that one!

videogame dunkey is a liar idiot: then mute it and play something else

bumblebeebrianna03: What the heck I don't like the music

yendo dumont: Then the PS5 then the PS6 Then 10 years later the PSX! lol if only that were true.

TheCoolkelvin: Also the ps4 and the Xbox one

jacob williams: oh and the nes snes ps2

jacob williams: like n64 dreamcast master system wii ps3

claudio fxx: thanks!

ugelproductions: 8 Bit Bitch (Spor Remix)
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History Of Gaming Consoles (1958-2012)