Why Men And Women Cant Be Friends

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Andex G: crap... i'm a man and i have friends that are women.

Andex G: wahaahahaha i can't stop...

Crystal D'Esprit: Strange, so that means all guys on your friends list secretly wish to ....** * Na! Sorry I don't buy that. It's not just ladies that only give out friendship signals because they only click on so many levels. I know guys may think about sex a lot more than women do and perhaps it may pop up in a mans mind for a brief moment about someone they know as a friend / colleague, yet I absolutely do know that guys and gall's can be (because otherwise I'd have to reconsider my friends list, majorly if I were to buy this can't be friends rubbish) friends. Man oh man oh man the amount of married men and taken men and single friends that I share connections with (non sexual) that are on my friends list right now that this film seems to imply actually in secret are considering us lunch, dinner and desert. NO. Absolutely not. I know guys have this thing about populating the planet hardwired into their dna, yet I don't think guys are so base level that they aren't able to intellectually like a person without wanting to commit to every woman in a sexual way lol. That's just bananas and is pretty insulting to men really.

Andrew s: A small percentage, and I mean a very small percentage of men and women can be friends, and they have their reasons, it's not impossible but it is true that most men and women can't be friends especially close friends. If it works for you then great but most of the time it won't.

Glenn Turner: This is why I stay away from women! They really are just a bunch of freakwits...LMFAO

Soft Poor Corn: I don't even think women can be friends with men. They happily toss aside male "friends" when they get boyfriends and come crying back to them to talk crap about their boyfriends. I really just think most women like the ego boost that someone likes them and will string them along until they find something better. And men in friendships with girls are just seeking the opportunity to make it more than a friendship.

Lets be honest here, how many of your moms out there are still friends with men other than your father or family members? I am willing to bet that the vast majority of married women do not have male friends. Which furthers the question, how close was your relationship with the male friend in the first place if you are no longer friends now?

1. Women crave the ego boost
2. Men seek the opportunity of romance/sex

Men and women cannot be friends.

1366solar: As a man you can be friends with a woman but she will never be as a good a friend as a man can be.

AJK always needs more info.: oh yeah and be aware of fat chicks they get mad really easy

AJK always needs more info.: As a guy it's harder to be friends with a woman than with guy although it's very necessary in fact you should befriend yourself with as many pretty women possible because they attract other pretty women and you know what that leads to and I'm speaking from experience use them just like they use you just hands off if the chemistry is not there it's easy.

david herrera: **ck em right in the ***sy

Fatal Crack: This go's to show you women are clueless.

Matt Knight: Most of the hottest girls have already had loads of pickle. These girls are for fun before you settle. You don't marry or have kids with them. They're the one those desperate guys marry when the girl decides she wants a "nice guy". A higher rate of cheating, divorce and no man wants those whore like values taught to their kids. I don't want a daughter to be a slut like her mother as a teenager. Those hot as freak women with raging social lives are destined to be single mums... Or 40 year old cat ladies their friends call cougars and the young guys laugh and call hoes.

ASAD ULLAH MAAN: RIP Dave Trevor and Bobby

King Draco: Notice how most of the women say yes lol. Of course a woman would say yes, they love guy friends. As a man, we know what is going through the minds of other men, something women dont understand or sinply choose to ignore.

Constanza Priddle: All the girls where like yes, sure but the guys where like umm like maybe

Kevin Klein: I wouldn't say under no circumstances, but there is a lot of truth in this video.

Maria: omg thanks, I faced the truth :О

Potato Mustard: Perfect. This ain't a social club ladies. And men need to grow up too. Get out of the friend zone by date three (3).

T.O.P: I have a guy friend and I love him as a friend like I tell him I love him and he told me that to but he has a girlfriend but she don’t love him and I’m very protective of him like that and she is talking to the new guy...like....”Talking” and he loves her but...I just don’t want him to get hurt

D-Sea Landair: So, it is not true that my male friends are just my friends!? LOOOL freaking men!... Damnit! I love men! LOL... Well, I'm not gonna lie, I don't believe that any of my male friends don't want to have sex with me (and no, not becuase they think I'm a hoe and easy, which I'm not LOL)! LOL I'm not that innocent!
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Why Men and Women Cant be friends