Kodak Easyshare C195 Review

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Kodak Easyshare C195 Review
Kodak Easyshare C195 Review
Kodak Easyshare C195 Digital Camera Review
Kodak Easyshare C195 Digital Camera Review
Kodak Easyshare C195 Preview - Information you NEED to see this before buying the Kodak Easyshare
Kodak Easyshare C195 Preview - Information you NEED to see this before buying the Kodak Easyshare
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Kodak Easyshare C190 Digital Camera
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zivion: I got this camera for 20$ I'm just checking to see if I have the same components than you and they work

Stayerra: I got my camera from santa!! Yeah Im a Kid!

Beta Omega: great video, just got this camera from a friend (with nothing else) Enjoyed video. Your explanation was clear and concise a good starting point!!!

Billy Bowles: i have a kodak easyshare camer and and kodak on my computter that came with the camer i had it now for over 5 or 7 years all my camers have been kodak well sunday i went in to look at my pictures and could not get them to come up after ann hour of trying i called kodak help line after about 45 mins on the phone with them still no pictures to look at the girl on the phone told me i could buy a plan that would help me get my pictures 3 plans to pick from plan 1 cost 119.00 plan 2 cost 199.00 plan 3 cost 299.00 and all the FREE help i need to get to my pictures TAKEING FROM A KODAK CAMER AT THAT SOME BULLS= = = FROM KODAK PASS THIS ON PLSSSSSSS

arden298: It is plastic. The LCD is not exposed if that is the question. The clear plastic is an integral part of the rear case to protect the screen from scratches and other damage.

meaningfullifemommy: Does this camera have a glass screen?

arden298: You are really going to enjoy it.

rafsandiego: Just in case anyone thinks they need to "return" their super buy, there's no need. The thought that you can't connect your camera may be valid as software is no longer available and the Easyshare that can be found can't be loaded, so... Just take out the SD card and put it in your computer - move those photos and videos over yourself - you don't need the silly software. Problem solved and you've got a neat camera for $40. Tada!

rafsandiego: Nice video - very informative. Just purchased one of these and am waiting for it to arrive. Thanks for the info! :)

arden298: I owned and operated by own company as well and took pride at what I sold and shipped. Returns or complaints were just about nil. There are always those who will complain no matter what you do though.

kirk watstien: I agree, I USED to work for a refurb house, and MOST of the employees are temps (at least in my area) and no, they really DON'T CARE. where is the pride in this country? japanm? china?? they're kicking our asses. sad to say but I've been VERY satidfied with ALL of my china purchases through ebay and other sites never an issue and IF there is? they just send you out another product and usually don't even ask for the old/broken one back..they really know customer service..

arden298: Yes it was. It came through OK. When I sold it, I packed it in bubble wrap and shipping peanuts. Refurbishing "Authorized Service Centers" don't seem to care. It is just a product to them. Once it leaves their doors, it's not their problem. That is how many businesses feel. Sad.

kirk watstien: looks like a refurb...bad packing job though

arden298: I enjoyed this camera very much. I upgraded to higher zoom model so no longer have it. It did sell very quickly though.

Justin_: Looks like HTC hd2 on frony

SolTiger x: thank you ^ - ^ well im in a contest but thank you so much

arden298: On top of the camera, there are three buttons for different selections. You need to press the middle button to switch into the video mode. Watch the video again and where I use the laser pointer, I explain this. Hope your project goes well. It is a great camera.

SolTiger x: how doo u even make a video on there :( bc im trying to make a video for a contest and i have no freckin idea how to even start/ make a video on here please replay back as fast as you can

arden298: The reason it is blurry at a distance when focused in Macro mode is the lens is focused on the nearer object. The only way you can touch up or do other effects is with a photo editing program. What is happening is normal. The C195 does a very good job for a point and shoot in the Macro mode.

Delyvon Kingsley -BboyDrift-: how do u make the clips look blurry from distance and its clear whatever is close to the camera for example if I have my camera on a desk and it captures the pencil bright and clear but the chalk board is blurry with video camera
Kodak Easyshare C195 Review 5 out of 5

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Kodak Easyshare C195 Review