Get Ready With Me: Clubbing Makeup & Outfit!

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Get Ready With Me What to Wear for Thanksgiving! Makeup. Hair + Outfit Inspiration!
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Get Ready with Me Urban Decay Naked Cherry
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Truth Seeker: Many of you women look attractive without makeup, yet you paint your faces with all of this gunk and it's all just fake. The chick in this video looked good without make up. She has nice eyes, nice lips, a well shaped face, why is she painting her face like this? Don't make no sense.

Krystal Krazie: You are so cute girl and so is your room! 💖💖💖

Sage Oakley: u are rockin girl

Gorislav Kotmot: It's a little bit shocking when we see with and without makeup, but omg you're such a beautie with blank face! You're gorgeous in any case!

Tony Karim: Without makeup, you look like the very gorgeous late Amy Winehouse.

Dayanera21: Beautiful and so very skilled with hair and make-up. Thank you for the tutorials.

Slim Marie: Too hotty 🔥

MrSophia1: .... hehe you are soooo sweet , fantastic , I wish you can make me up one day

Loading James: dont forget the sun glasses to go clubbing lol

melissa carter: How do you make your own wigs? I don't understand how that's done. I love all of your wigs!

BelligerentTruth: gorgeous eyes

April Brooke: You're a babe with and without makeup! What was the song btw?

Royer Montoya: r u soooo pretty qnd u loom soooooo good with pink lipstick

desi_black girl: U gotta different slayage about urself.......hmmm.........LOVE IT!!!

K S: cAN You or someone please tell me what your accent is supposed to be? it is very annoying.

Rachel Maxime: what's the name of your pencil eyeliner that you use? i can't seem to find one that doesn't smudge and give me raccoon eyes.....please help!!!!

ÖZLEM: it's starts at 06:00 😁

Da Baddest Bitch: I just saw the latest episode of American beauty star and I thought it was so unfair. That lady looked so bomb and when tyme was on the elimination round and that dumb bitch in the red dress was like “not every girl needs eye liner”... tyme has a face like... “bitch this is why u look so busted” lmao

leon0247: She's just a normal chic without all that cake on her face I'll admit it makes a huge difference not the kind of girl I'd approach though

leon0247: I'm just saying I looks like a lot of work and time to wait for your girl to get ready wow
Get Ready With Me: Clubbing Makeup & Outfit! 5 out of 5

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Thiago Fernandes: "Many people don't like it when reviewers are negative." Wrong! Many people (if I can use the term loosely) don't like it when reviewers are aggressive. Aggression can be a healthy way to relieve stress if you can control it. Take my words for what they're worth Brett. Do you think you can control your anger? This review shows me that you can.
Frosty Fire: Now imagine it with motion sensor controlled miniguns.
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selina jiaxin: i just watched this cause im interested in cosrx products but may i know what dimethicone thing is? does it clog your pores or something? im really new to skincare stuff hehe ^^
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5. Берегите здоровье с молоду. Я не читаю мораль, просто хочется чтобы все были здоровы. :))

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Get Ready With Me: Clubbing Makeup & Outfit!