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Wandering Adventurer: Very nicely done review of this forgotten about gun!!

Natasha Last: GREAT VIDEO !!

Natasha Last: got a question....thinking of getting the Bond "Back-up", but in 9mm. What's your thoughts on 9 vs. 45? (I was thinking that 9 is cheaper, and with all the new "hopped up" 9 mm. ammo available now, ballistics are probably comparable to a 45 anyway + the barrel of the Bond Back up .45 is actually Thinner than the 9mm barrel. And, with a 9, felt recoil is less. So, your thoughts?? Secondly, I would get an additional barrel (in matte) of 45LC/410 for when we go hikin'.. Thanks for responding when you have time. :)

Willie Jamehufff: How would you compare this to a little pocket 380? Would you carry this over your kahr cw380?

Old River Bill: Just bought one a couple weeks ago.  Used the 50% coupon from Bond and ordered the  45LC/410 3" barrel, and the extended grips.  Just came in....cant wait to shoot it!  Probably end up with more barrels before it's over.  Thanks

Robert Gertz: I bought the extended rubber grips much easier to handle.

Buzz Kyler: I LOVE MY .45/.410!!!!

VerumAdPotentia: The matte barrels aren't actually powder coated, they are media blasted. Also, in the comparison you say it is slightly smaller than your USA Defender, but this is only because you have the extended grips and a longer barrel on the Defender. In actuality, they are entirely interchangeable barrels and grips. I gotta admit that the brushed stainless on the crinkle-coated lower is sexy as all hell.

Good video, Guy. The above points are intended to be constructive criticism, and in no way meant to tear down your good work, as it's easy to sit on the sidelines and point out the errors of others.

God bless.

natserog: Great Video!   thanks...Just bought this gun today.
Now I have to find a good .45 cal defense ammo. suggestions?

Mark Earley: I'm getting the 9mm version don't have 45 auto in California yet and probably won't, but 9mm is good enough

LoginErrorAgain: I'm confused??? How the .45acp stay in place without a Moon Clip of some sort?

STEVE P: how reliable is it?

STEVE P: would that be good as a secondary weapon?

Antiquated Flatulence: With this review and the one I watched that another guy did on the Double Tap Defense 45. You guys have saved me both time and money by changing my mind about getting the Double Tap. The other guy had heard of a double discharge and it just so happened to him while videoing his review of the Double Tap. Thanks again for the review.

hopee changee: They've priced themselves right out of me ever buying one.  Not in million years am I going to pay that much for a two shot derringer.  As far as I'm concerned, it can stay right there on the shelves right next to Heizer's over-priced POS.

Fatal Frames: Defintely want one but in .410 heheheheh  ;b

MR. Gentleman Sir: Super video! What in your opinion would be the best caliber for a small 2.5" barrel, the .45 ACP or .357 magnum? 

Robert W: Another great review.... keep em coming!  What I would love to see is one with a composite grip.frame, and a titanium / scandium barrel with SS sleeves for .45 Long / .410. 

Herb Walker: WWII Joke:

"Two Nazis walk into a B.A.R. ....................................."  LOL
Bond Arms Backup .45acp - Ultimate Conceal Carry Derringer - TheFireArmGuy 5 out of 5

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Wandering Adventurer: Very nicely done review of this forgotten about gun!!
callmefreeze: youve made my day playing this so many memories thank you!!
Ascyltos: I can never get past opening the dura flap. The game always bugs out or crashes at that point. Also every pixel is a bleeder for some reason.
TheChipmunk2008: Seems to be a bit of a bad idea to run the live/neutral back across the board to the high voltage side...
Елена Дроздовская: при просмотре видео на youtube остается висеть внизу ссылка (очень не удобно), как ее убирать? и еще после обновления до 8.1 перестала быть живой иконка на раб. столе с фотографиями??? I really liked the cookies and Stix too - can't wait until the next one!
Yajat Vashisht: how to use it with Arduino nano

Bond Arms Backup .45acp - Ultimate Conceal Carry Derringer - TheFireArmGuy