Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!
SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 In 2018! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 In 2018! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review!
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review!
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!

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Brandon O'tinger: The Galaxy S6 was an excellent overall phone, but the battery was mediocre to bad. Was lucky to get hours before needing a recharge and barely got 2 hours screen on time.

I now have an S7, and it is much, much better. It's what the S6 should have been.

Pearl the rebel: This video makes me so anxious since you don't have a case on it. I just got mine yesterday. I already have my Otterbox case on lol

GoldenSun3DS - 4K Emulation Gaming: Watching this on my Note 8 in 2017.

HS SH: Are you complaining about your idiotic mistake that you placed a phone so easily flip by wind and got camera lense cracked? Hahaha

Desire Francois: Does instagram come with it?

Muhammad Rahadiansyah: Man its been 2 years and this pop is tough as crap. Had dropped it on the floor (countless times), concrete, asphalt, hard dry soil, even mud, and somehow still works.

If you see my S6 metal sides, nobody will believe its a 2 years old phone..... let's say its scarred for life, but somehow still works perfectly. Not even a scratch or crack on back, front, and lense glass.

Josh xperia: Why is that some samsung galaxy s6 have the word "Galaxy s6" while others donot have it yet some youtubers claim that those without that word are fake or clones?

Genesis Jaylo: I need a secondary phone. I think this thing will do.

DarkNess ATM: 2:01

RazorGamingHD: I still have it now.Not regretting because of the Rooting :D

lekff: 2 years later no one complains about removable back cover and battery

Boop Bop: So you're camera glass cracked. A phone case would've been a good idea.....

Rizky Anugrah: are this still worth it in 2017

Alan: also the good think I can buy this for $460

Alan: am I the only person that never uses the home button Samsung phones I just use the back keys.

Lucas Alves: What's the game in 3:40?

Richie Lata: did anyone notice the ue megaboom in the background

Juan Gonzalez: Oh ,ok. Let's all just ignore the fact that this video is in 60fps, a rarity for this channel.

purefuckinghate: DO NOT BUY S6. A lot of Samsung Galaxy S6 models have red tint on the screen. It does not show off when you buy it new, but after a while it gets this red tint all over the screen or just over a part of the screen. Replacement does not help much because it affects the replacement too. Avoid S6 models entirely, that is the best. It is something faulty with that model.

Omar Hussain: which is best galaxy s6 or xperia Z5
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review! 5 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!