Introducing IPhone 3GS

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Apple WWDC 2009 - iPhone 3GS Introduction
Apple WWDC 2009 - iPhone 3GS Introduction
iPhone 3GS Introduction
iPhone 3GS Introduction
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Apple iPhone 3GS Guided Tour and features review
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iPhone 3G Review
Introducing iPhone 3GS
Introducing iPhone 3GS

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Clement Young: Back when Apple's kicking all it's competitors' ass

Online 21: Watching on the X

Emilio Rivera: it mustve been annoying when he was trying to talk but people kept talking

Leocomander: 3 MEGAPIXELS!!!

A. Roa: I come from the future. Apple will introduce animojis...

shyanne XD: Watching this on my iPhone 89

LouHarv: Who else came here after iPhone X and 8?

Antphoneigh: So the 's' in the 4s 5s 6s and 7s all stand for speed?

Jed Clampett: 0:37 & 1:08 oh my how things have changed in just a little under a decade...

Itz Adoon / Aldo: I ordered a 3gs today on ebay

Corentin: My first iPhone

dr34mc4st3r: My first iPhone. Gotten tons of mileage from my 3GS 😃

Lost in a Memory: Man this crap was so mind blowing back then! Now we can't get impressed by anything "/

Jacsy: Best. Phone. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Junshu Liu: iPhone 3GS is my first iPhone ever! Excited for tomorrow's iPhone 7 keynote!

Oscaroo: Who is this guy

waltz 22: I'm watching this on a iphone 7

Just Pro: 2016 and sill using it

ZenithZephyroth: back then was android has too little apps

Simón Higuita Jaramillo: It feels strange, I'm watching this on iPhone 6 Plus. LOL
Introducing iPhone 3GS 5 out of 5

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marisol alvarez: mi figura favorita es ben de omniverse
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Their not related at all Watch Dogs is just a hacking game.

khanmnh9: no not left flat
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sergio palacios: Hola....!! Profe muy bien explicado, he podido arreglar dos amplificador pero uno se me resiste y no siendo técnico de estudios , pero unos de ellos que no encendía ya he podido reestablecer la fuente.pero se me complica la parte de amplificación pero dos salidas funciona bien. pero se me recalienta las otras dos más rápido que de los otros. El amplificador de que te estoy hablando es un Sony modelo XM-754HX.
Haber si me puedes echar una manito porque el amplificador lleva dos circuitos los típicos y por debajo de la placa lleva transistores smd ....
Gracias un saludo desde España..

Introducing iPhone 3GS