Introducing IPhone 3GS

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iPhone 3GS Introduction
iPhone 3GS Introduction

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Lumber Starter: Back then: Price is high but worth it


TheLegoBrickery: This is my favorite iPhone

neutrons _: snape? jk

torres3800: I low-key liked this iPhone back then when I was all excited getting my first Android phone after I qualified to upgrade from a Sidekick LX... Was hardcore Android...then the matte black iPhone 7 plus came out... That was it.... Still hooked...

Minpeng Wang: I used to have an iPhone 3gs. It was amazing when it runs Epic Citadel. Unreal Engine 3 runs on a mobile device truly changed the mobile graphics. And 3gs was 15x better than iphone 3g in GPU part which haven't been mentioned in this video. The build in imagination sgx535 was the best at 2009.

Jaysann22: Android people and OEMs don't need to hold these silly keynotes because they don't worship it like some kind of deity or religion. Smart devices and technology is meant to be used AROUND our lives. NOT using smart device technology to BE our lives.

Frewu: Watching on an iphone 3gs

Gator Productions: 4:54 did anyone else her his voice crack

Clement Young: Back when Apple's kicking all it's competitors' ass

Online 21: Watching on the X

Emilio Rivera: it mustve been annoying when he was trying to talk but people kept talking

Leocomander: 3 MEGAPIXELS!!!

A. Roa: I come from the future. Apple will introduce animojis...

shyanne XD: Watching this on my iPhone 89

LouHarv: Who else came here after iPhone X and 8?

Antphoneigh: So the 's' in the 4s 5s 6s and 7s all stand for speed?

Aldo Cavallo: I ordered a 3gs today on ebay

Corentin: My first iPhone

dr34mc4st3r: My first iPhone. Gotten tons of mileage from my 3GS 😃

Lost in a Memory: Man this crap was so mind blowing back then! Now we can't get impressed by anything "/
Introducing iPhone 3GS 5 out of 5

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daersoulkeeper: you suck. im lvl 53 and his stage 6 was easy. stage 7 (last stage) is least at my lvl. and this isn't even the new one. your base is horrible.

Introducing iPhone 3GS