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'81 Honda XL500S Restomod. Riding. Wheelies
'81 Honda XL500S Restomod. Riding. Wheelies
Honda XL500R Motorcycle Review - XR500
Honda XL500R Motorcycle Review - XR500
Honda XL500 Dirtbike Motorcycle Winter ride
Honda XL500 Dirtbike Motorcycle Winter ride
1980 Honda XL500 First Start in forever!!
1980 Honda XL500 First Start in forever!!

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B5ZERKER 63: Jo what fabrikate is that rear tire ? Brand , size ?

Jim Garyy: i have this exact bike but mine is working and barely used, but my front wheel is smaller. anyone have an answer for that?

charles may: Looking to purchase a engine head for an XL500s honda 1980 I have an leak because screw broke off in the engine head. if you know where i can get the top part of an engine or an engine for reasonable price Charlesmay38@gmail.com

mike murphy: I had a 1979 XL-500S. Great bike. Good hill climber, and handled a lot better than the old 500 BSA that I rode on enduros in the 50's and 60's. Unfortunately, the big burned up when my garage caught on fire in 1993, otherwise, I'd still have it, I'm sure. With the compression release, and some practice, I could actually start the thing sitting on the ground beside it using my right arm. I loved that bike. It also could easily hit 70mph, but with knobbiest, it got a bit squirrely. :-)

jeff ferguson: The xl series is not an enduro, the xr series are enduros. The xl 's are dual sport or dual purpose meaning street/dirt. A lot of people think enduro means on/off road , this is incorrect. an enduro is strictly off road

Patrick Jones: awesome bike

thereaper1able: i was jw because i found one cheap and im kinda short (5"4)

motoforlyfe: Not really sure, probably some but not a whole lot!

motoforlyfe: Timing could be off check for spark

thereaper1able: How much taller is this than an xl250? Jw

closed: I found some parts at Jerrys cycles.

closed: I have the same bike. It has been sitting since 2005 and I cant get it started. It has spark, fuel and "compression" from what I can tell. It is a mystery for now. When I bought it the auto compression cable was unhooked at the bottom, maybe that was an issue? It also had a cracked intake manifold, so I think that is what it was parked. I replaced the manifold, when I cleaned the carb. I tried starting fluid, and it just "pops." Any tips, email me?

closed: I need a carb kit for the same bike, any luck finding a deal on one?

motoforlyfe: Thanks buddy I'm glad you liked it! I've been trying to get the guy who owns it to let me take it out for a ride...it's a lot of fun!!

Carry Smith: those old bikes r awesome,,americans have forgot about havin a fun,pratical,simple,relaible bike,now its all about the latest technology,light weight,high horsepower & offcrose ultimately, goal,open up your wallets & and shell out $5grand for a 250cc dirtbike..i ride a 1987 honda xr600,full restored & its a freaking blast & bulletproof...great video dude.

motoforlyfe: I'll take a look!

UntamedRitard: I just add a video of me riding an original 1980 xl500 please check it out on my channel

motoforlyfe: It sure is, I could have some fun with it if I had a bigger property!

motoforlyfe: Pretty cool, turns it back into a real dirtbike!

ron bell: i have a 1980 185 xl an it look the same i took the the lights off.
1980 HONDA XL500S PROJECT 5 out of 5

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