Planet X1 Documentary

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Planet X1 documentary
Planet X1 documentary
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Planet X2 for the Commodore 64. The Making Of.
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C64 Game - Planet X2 - Unboxing and review - 50 Hz
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Planet X2 C64 unboxing
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Samuel Cummins: lol

PBJ Gamer: “The only real advantage the 64 would have is more detail on the graphics.”

robert dutcher: You really should come back and finish this one. The Vic community would enjoy it. I know I sure would. Been playing it a lot tonight.

3Dparallax: Hi David. I stumbled upon this while checking out the C64 version. I love the concept and it plays brilliantly. Any chance you'll release this WIP version or versions? Even better, include the betas of both to the purchasers of the actual final game as an extra. Looking forward to it.

Jack Kraken: I know you are going to make an X2 video in the future but can you also make one on the X1 and make it like a full documentary like 15min or more?

MinecraftGuy8567: and its out today!

twitchmx17: wow your game came along way ! cant wait to play planet x2

Funiverse Minnesota: I feel weird because I just watch Planet X2 beta gameplay lol

NovaS1101: So you weren't lying that this game was made in 2009.

PEACEWALKER1972: Nice work! :)

GameDrop: 7 years ago

The Bige: this is the least viewed video out of all of his videos

László Domonkos: This reminds me a lot like StarCraft.

Hexagonaal: Reminds me a lot of Bolo on the mac and Firepower.

tohopes: "Obviously, you can't drive over water"


Elias Van Loon: like if u watching in 2016

CannonPro: LOL

Sebastián Blanco: iBookGuy, great concept. Would you like to see this game re-made in a modern engine? For now, I don't have plans on doing it, but seems simple enough and at some point I would like to recreate it, of course only if you are ok with that.

Luigi2012SM64: 2.7k views. WOW o_O

Jesús Zafra: cool game, is it finished? also you plan to make the c64 some day? I'll be interested for sure!
Planet X1 documentary 5 out of 5

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Samuel Cummins: lol
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徹早川: プップー
JPTHEKID: Great video. Sega Saturn 2D powerhouse console.
Smokey BEAR: that leather.. mmm
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Planet X1 documentary