Top Drugstore Bronzers | Contouring & Highlighting Tutorial

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My TOP 5 Favorite Drugstore Bronzers!
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Top 5 DRUGSTORE Bronzers 2017

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Rachel G: I was using the Wet n Wild and I just didn’t care for it . The contour shade looked really “ muddy “ on my skin. I’m an ivory/ porcelain tone and it’s difficult to find the right one. I found the Pro Contour from the L’Oréal Infallible and I love it . I only spent $1.25 for it so I won’t complain!

Crystal Annette: What did you use to curl your hair ? Tutorial please 😀

Heather Huber: So i really liled Nikki Tuitorials pale skin version of this. And Stephanie Langes too. However, I love yours because I'm 33 and I feel like I can connect with you better. Not to say you're old, lol, just that they're both quite youthful. .. maybe too much. So I can appreciate this a lot

Tuğba tuba: Hi, Which did you use foundation this video?

Aurora D: I always feel like I look dirty when I try to contour. Highlighting just brings out my wrinkles.

aisya arifin: This is such a complete 101 explanation of contouring and highlighter 😭😭

trap_harls_4ever: Girl u rock. Ur videos have helped me pick out the best products & u always test them out 💕 thanks so much !

Rebecca Carraway: Hey Z I thought you weren't a fan of contouring/highlighting??


Hannah S: love the rimmel bronzer!

Tyler Garcia: Typically you don't want to apply a shimmery highlight to your t-zone; it can make you look oily. This is an old video so you've probably already figured that out lol, but I just wanted to mention it just in case it helps someone else.

Anita Kanani: plzz anyone tell me tht what is difference between contouring and bronzer plz plz plz

Yashu Yadav: waoooo really nice

Material Bag: very nice

Hira 041: where are you from

Damaris Cotto: Hi Zabrena! love your videos!! Would you please, please make a powder foundation battle? please! thank you!!

Kristen Berrier: I love the lighter shade of the wet n wild palette for setting my undereyes!

Sue Poch: Hey Momma,
Your hair is gorgeous in this video

Nazla Yussouf: Best tutorial for a beginner like me ...

sweetie1027: Thanks for this tutorial!! I'm really enjoying your application tutorials!! I know they're a year old, but still!! 💗😮👏🏼✨✨✨
Top Drugstore Bronzers | Contouring & Highlighting Tutorial 5 out of 5

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MissHannah2036: Funny how everyone has different experiences. The smell of a tan is not a deal breaker for me. What I find important is the colour it gives, coverage and the tone of colour. I put the dark on my legs 4 days ago, put it on before bed so scent not a big issue. One application on upper thighs 2 apps on calves. Only issue dry parts on knees and bottom of calves as I put two apps so bit of excess near ankles. The colour was perfect for me, I like medium to dark and it definitely made my skin softer and look more flawless than, loving tan, Million dollar tan (makes me orange) or Bondi Sands. Only had it on 4 days so can't comment on the lasting power or fade. Would like it to have tint but everything else was pretty good I thought. I was quite happy with it.

Top Drugstore Bronzers | Contouring & Highlighting Tutorial