EU4 Art Of War [Ayutthaya] - #26

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Vinvic1: I like how Mathas has just given up already

Da Goodest: finally they start killing each other

rbmore3: is it just me or did the rules they agreed to only seem to harm the two less skilled players? fun to watch but going to make for a quick series

wSlayere M: was a good series, but you should of put the 2 strongest players together.  and no one should of been able to be near ming, maybe NL or mathias since they dont know the mechanics

Bryan Huang: You should have spent less money on making the rebels friendly.

James Burtton: Wow, Northernlion's speech was almost Churchillian. 

Shane Smith: Kinda stupid how the weakest player was put against the strongest player.. What a shame

Stephen Rouse: Best video yet. The difference of power between players is becoming more and more apparent. The only hope is Arumba westernizing early enough to catch up with the rest of the world, and even then the war between him and NL is pretty distracting..

John fra Volda: 9:21 Lucky Mathas just getting 6regiments :P

Stone Mug: Quill needs to vassalize orissa and make it huge.

sgebad: next time I think quill should be near to Arumba because he and Arumba are the better EU IV

KaSpAsArK: Mathas is quite the defeatist

Nardinus: What's the religion of Yi ? An animal ??

BlackBobby69: In the long run, the real issue will be the locations of the players. With a Strong-Weak-Weak-Strong distribution it's no surprise the weaker players get crushed inbetween the two titans. Not only do they have two neighbouring players, but they are also in the way of the stronger players if they want to butt heads. Next time arrange them W-S-S-W. Not only can the weaker players expand outwards, they also have the protection of the other strong player backstabbing the aggressor.
They made the same mistake last game. The Hansa took all of America, Italy all of the Middle East, while Venice and Prussia could not expand anymore and fell behind.

Zorro9129: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
You should let Mathas form India and instead focus
on taking Indonesia.

David Rodriguez: you should try and turn Mathis into a march. keep him in the game. and he can still grow. An help defend against Lion and Arumba

TFthecreekboy: Let this series end up with Mathas as your permanent March

AstroMagic: Out of everyones videos i like to watch quills more because hes more of the expansive guy and hes probably going to be the power house if he keeps on doing what hes doing. Quill can easily take on arumba and northernlion at the same time

Michael Z.: Meanwhile, on the other side of the Old World, Arumba and NL are fighting a ruinous war against each other over a pointless border conflict.

Iridescence93: LOL...Quill:The friendliest conqueror ever:

"BTW Mathas, I'm going to be invading your country soon but I want to give you some time to prepare. Sorry, don't take it personally."

You're so Canadian, Quill :)
EU4 Art of War [Ayutthaya] - #26 5 out of 5

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EU4 Art of War [Ayutthaya] - #26