Gear 360 2017 In-Depth Review + Tutorial

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Samsung Gear 360 (2017) Review
Samsung Gear 360 (2017) Review
Gear 360 2017 In-Depth Review + Tutorial
Gear 360 2017 In-Depth Review + Tutorial
Samsung Gear 360 (2017) Full Review
Samsung Gear 360 (2017) Full Review
The Gear 360 Camera Is SO MUCH FUN
The Gear 360 Camera Is SO MUCH FUN
Samsung's New Gear 360 camera: Top 5 pros and cons for shooting 360!
Samsung's New Gear 360 camera: Top 5 pros and cons for shooting 360!

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ClipsOfSimpleIdeas: Nice video, I just purchased that camera. Is the Mac software link for stitching he pictures? I'm new to 360 recording and I'm going to use the device for a small office 360 Virtual Tour. Also, whats the Android link for in the description? Thanks.

Otherground: (21:11) This is such a huge problem. Is the only way to get around this other than stitching manually with like Autopano?

Edison Cm Edinho: Hello Ben, I am finding the samsung 360 2017 at 178€, I got the smooth Q gimbal, it is amazing about stabilization, you think it is a good camera to buy?
the Idea is to have 360° videos during the day and late afternoon!

madeline vr360ok: just purchased :) 1 day shipping cause i signed up for the free month of Amazon Prime! TOO EXCITED for this fun new toy:))) thanks for all the informative videos, almost bought the mi sphere but it wouldnt accept my debit card :( glad i didnt i was stressing the price. maybe when it goes down a bit ill invest

nancy kisich: Delicate little gear. Love it though!

360 Virtual Walk: Zdravím. mám otazku, koupil jsem si kameru VR gear 2017 a nejak mam porad špatne videa. muzete mi prosim poradit jak ji nejlepe nastavit? zde je jak vypada to video

SlightlyWetFart: I've never seen a pencil shaped like that, and I've watched A LOT of porn...

Antonio Michael: Trying to figure out how big of a memory card I'm going to need I will be doing a bunch of videos for a series about every aspect of taking a v10 out of a truck how many hours can you get with this camera in 360 mode do I need a 256 gb for a few hours of video per video or should I use the camera in single lenses mode my video doesn't need to be in 4k resolution just want to know how much memory it takes for the 360 videos

iKHMER: Anyway to get this 2017 version work with Google Street View?

Van's Flying Services: I guess that settles it, I'm getting one!

Alysa Fajard: can i use any android phone for it? or is it exclusively for samsung phones only?

Jason Gourley: has samsung ever fixed the stitching issue?

tedblight: Great Review.... is there anyway to fix the issue with the camera moving when walking in the stitch area? I’m on the latest firmware... is there any other software that stitches? Thanks

Saleh Al7myari: Can gear 360 2017 work underwater

Siddharth Gupta: HehDR

Praful Vijay: Hello , please suggest me regarding the following concern. I have the new gear 360 (2017). While stitching a video using action director in PC i observed that file size is less as compared to file obtained by stitching using android phone. What's the best way to retain maximum quality possible ? Thanks

Steve Mi: Great review, it helped me decide on buying the unit. I do have a couple questions for you though: 1) my 4K videos are no where as sharp as yours, what specific setting are you using? 2) i could not figure out how to connect my selfie stick using bluetooth, how'd you do it? seems like the stick and the 360 are both "listeners" not "searchers"... 3) what software do you use (Win10) for production & why? Thanks buddy

Tona Ladega: Hi thanks for the review I'm an architect and I want to walk through and record my dramatic interiors spaces and want something that is affordable will this work for me
Also my aim is to use these recordings on social media thanks

J Ruud: Your channel is very informative and has helped me choose a 360 camera.

Andrew Pitchford: Great review. Just toured UK and found it great for all our memories from dark country churches to recording on the London Eye. Another bonus of the rubber ring which is a cool design aspect if planned is the ability to 'rest' the camera laying down with a lense laid down in the ring while charging.
Gear 360 2017 In-Depth Review + Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Bryan Pepin: Love the tractor! I have a BX25 myself and I'm close to putting the same cab on it. My only question is how did you attach those brushes around all the levers? And what kind/ where'd you get them. I've looked online and there are so many different choices, I have no idea what to do/use.

AlphaOmega Channel: how see a youtube network that already linked with us ?

Von Hohenheim: The best explaination I could find. Thanks a lot.
Kolby smith: Were does he say "finesse"
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Larry TheeArtist: that was so magical to watch 👍

Gear 360 2017 In-Depth Review + Tutorial