Gear 360 2017 In-Depth Review + Tutorial

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Gear 360 2017 In-Depth Review + Tutorial
Gear 360 2017 In-Depth Review + Tutorial
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Samsung Gear 360 (2017) Full Review
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T Bone: Thanks for all the good info. If you want the TRUE flaw of this 360 camera. Here it is. As you noted, it works with Samsung phones but only on some and not ALL Samsung phones. Weird. It is a Samsung device after all, but wait. I own a new and large Samsung Tab A 10.1(tablet) and guess what. It is NOT compatible with remote operation (bluetooth connection) of the Samsung 360.....but iPhones and iPads are compatible. Did you get that? I can NOT operate my Samsung 360 with my Samsung Tablet....but I could use (if I had) the competition's devices to operate it. Wtf?????? Way to go, Samsung!!

Doni Siciliano: How good is for action? Is it stabilized ?

Joel Escalona: Hi, I’m trying to download software for mac but it shows” you do not have compatible VGA to install this app” what do i need to do? Please help. Thanks

voha bim: I got a question I just got this camera as a really good deal brand new ! When I download the video this to my iPhone it doesn’t show up as a 360 video just a regular file and when I upload it to my Facebook or Instagram it doesn’t look as 360

Disagreeable Gaming: It's on sale for $99 on Amazon as of the time I'm making this comment.

restaurante panela de barro: Não consigo colocar na legenda de português

restaurante panela de barro: Meu deus oh maigod

roop298: Really wish I'd listened to your what to buy 2018 vid. Total waste of money. Don't buy one. You'll be sorry.

Steven Zhang: Re: gear 360 mac software, all my exported/stitched videos have timestamp set to the time of stitching, not time of shooting, which is super annoying. Any workarounds for it?

Anthony Losego: How do the HDR images stack up to Blender pro HDR images for environment maps? Is the dynamic range mapped correctly?

Michael Britton: Like the review and the camera but I keep having trouble downloading  to my phone keeps saying I don't have enough memory when I deleted just about everything off of it. Mike in Bayside

dragoda: The rubber stand is flawed: if you put the camera in the rubber band (and press it), it will pop up after about 3 minutes and the camera will fall. The camera sit better by its own.

Luc Augustave: Does Iwatch works on Samsung -No.
360 should never work iPhone.
Dont force it.

Vasco Silva: Hi Ben,
Loved the review! I have just one question, if you could help. Is there any PC software to stich the photos or is it imperative the you do it only in the phone...

Coy Hilron: I totally agree the whole 360 looks like it was designed by a sex adict, including included "rooster ring" oops, stableizer

Shaun Rowe: I'm having a major problem after stitching the videos. After stitching in Action Director I want to edit them in Adobe Prem. CC but every time I do, the preview gives me a green screen ( No Video but I HAVE Audio) please help.

Mark Turner: Thanks for this. So... how do i view the pics/video I take using a google glasses type set up on my iphone? Thanks!

Richard Lehmann: Grate video. Has the sticking issue been addressed now?

ClipsOfSimpleIdeas: Nice video, I just purchased that camera. Is the Mac software link for stitching he pictures? I'm new to 360 recording and I'm going to use the device for a small office 360 Virtual Tour. Also, whats the Android link for in the description? Thanks.

Otherground: (21:11) This is such a huge problem. Is the only way to get around this other than stitching manually with like Autopano?
Gear 360 2017 In-Depth Review + Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Gear 360 2017 In-Depth Review + Tutorial