Counter Strike Global Offensive - Apple Mac Mini - Performance

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Cleberson G. de Carvalho: Fake!! No possible!

Piotr Urantówka: Fake, where is shadows ?

JOELYBOI 77: More playable with bootcamp assistant

Paul G: I have this mac mini and it works fine unless I play several hours and then it repeatedly has a crash and freezes on wherever I was in the game. Any ideas?

DontFuckWitDreDay: I don't want to ruin it by playing on it.

30 Minute Music: btw you can enable the console, (enable it in the game settings) and type "net_graph 1" to bring up the fps :)

30 Minute Music: csgo 2018 tournament leaked footage

Tate: Pleb

Mmsz Mee: I'm the one who's playing csgo on mac mini 😂
Fps is piece of crap

Samuel Gee: how much FPS would you get while recording?

WayBachWin: he'd be the best freaking dad ever.

GillyLaw: im getting this game today and seeing it preform like this makes me hopefull

Peter Toth: Hello, have you tried playing overwatch on the Mac mini? If yes, how was it? By any chance, do you have a video of it? Thanks in advance!

Vinícius Peluqui: somebody show net_graph 1 or show_fps 1 to this guy

minimorpheus: Watching him play is so funny

froge: I'll switch to a Mac Mini all my freaking PC does is freak the freak up every couple weeks.

Adam Mochal: can i play on Mac mini vs Windows players

Michał Horszczaruk: Dafuq is this test? Show some stats, not just a monitor recorded by a camera...

llohi23: net_graph 1

Nicolas Guarini: how much fps?
Counter Strike Global Offensive - Apple Mac Mini - Performance 5 out of 5

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Diana Smith: Nice hair but I wish you would have turned around for us to see what the back of the hair looks or looked like
TOMAS DE LEON: I have one. Very nice and solid well-built flashlight. Works as expected. It is heavy but in a good way.
Cleberson G. de Carvalho: Fake!! No possible!
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leonardo pascucci: si deve fare la conessione
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Counter Strike Global Offensive - Apple Mac Mini - Performance