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Goksu Sen: Sizce en iyi makina hangisi?
Eric B: it's my go-to synth, very inspiring whenever I need to start a new track
MrBraveCriminal: Vide para ninos
Rikoeip: "Dear Yuri congradulations i am amazed someone with low intelligence could beat me at chess hats off to your mother for marrying your brother"
Malc Tulloch: Brilliant video, thank you.
Travis Dezellem: This in just projectors but leds work better in reflectors
belmontzar: @Zeolahn the prime sereis is one I have never played, but lookign at events like Dark Samus, I kinda just figured they were later events.. but it does explain why Samus is so calm when dealing with SA-X in fusion. What im wondering is if Adam finally appears..