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OhMyRev: Why did this end at part 2?? D:
Katiana Giacona: glory days of Nickelodeon, hope they make a come back!
MonstersNightmare: why is everyone so creeped out by the stupid grey man?
BARRICADE GARAGE: here's how their Cat sounds on my 5.2

Вяленая скрибятина: 1)Make a video showcasing SDK capabilities
2)Do not give SDK to fans because "it's too complex"

bruno ramires nunes: KKKKKKKKK ó lá "Pandashamn Multihack" KKKKKKKKKK MT lixoo hack no wow .'
PBGGameplay: Hey, guys! We know about the editing error on the face icon bar. I saw it last night while uploading, but since Todd was out, fixing it would have delayed the upload. I decided it'd be better to just upload it with the mistake than making people wait to get it fixed.