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Dylan Cohran: hey man I love prince Michael Jackson and usher can you review some usher albums if you haven't already please it probably amazes the hell out of people how much music you collect man what's up do you like usher oh yeah man what's your name by the way review will I am albums too please
Хитрый Глаз Ь: есть ещё один существенный недостаток: при разбивке через базовую линию указывает направления как будто линии никакой нет, то есть относительно себя, а не относительно линии.
Nana Kim: ELF best brush :p Thank you~ love from malaysia (ur the best kathleen!)
Sahar Hammad: I hope she sufferes because it's not fair she's 4 times all the girls sizes so pick on someone your own size probably an overweight sumo😠
Brittney P: where can we order this oil from
muhamad Abdullah: F Clickbait
Jonathan Tomasi: Nice review, thanks xD