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Dave Marx: Are there any major glitches in this game?
Jyothi Agarwal: Very nice....
Lixairys Rosario: No fair I don't have that loom I have the normal loom the one that isn't stagerded
Mateus Martins: This in 4k
Ranjith: Planning to get Sierra Tower RAAL. How much power do they really need? I am not sure if my current Onkyo receiver which puts out 135 watts per channel can do justice to this speakers.
VentMe NoJudge: Thank you so much to everyone who clicked on this video! A big thank you to anyone who has commented, liked or subbed or all!! Don't forget to check out my part two Cannon Vlog! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ei9FUCDt3P8 !! I am hoping to get better and better at creating content, it's my hobby, much love!
Hanscon Aps: Nice video. Could you make english subtital instead of german?