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TheArfdog: To me it's unbelievable and incredible that Steve Jobs was the architect or at least the initiator and curator of all these amazing products, and on top of that he is such a great presenter and really approachable. During product development, that's probably a different story but that's ok.
Michael Moore: I love you
JenxRodwell: I loved all the references to The Secret World in this (beyond the obvious fact that you get to explore the park in TSW as well). Just little things like "the Brooklyn crowd", which seems like a throwaway line in a note, but if you've played TSW you instantly realize who it's referring to. (The Illuminati. The headquarters that Illuminati characters in TSW use is located in Brooklyn).
ผู้ตรวจสอบ Youtube: พอร์ตไลนิ่งก็เสียบสองด้านปะ เจ๊ทิม
deadpool: В Россию интересно доставляют по почте
Sammy Biggs: Good crap man. I already see strength and size coming on.
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