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Rich P: Sick! Coming up w a 0821 LS3 head w LQ9 rebuild. Thanks for what “could possible be” my outcome if done right.
beliver1980: u notice the door openning sound efect at 8:03 ? theres no door!!
Lido888: wtf starscream shockwave and soundwave died in the 3movie how are there still alive
MegaPokeman1: The truth about Has Bean is he's actually called Carbuncle and he's a character in the main puyo puyo series.
popster1man mine: He mustn't have a hdmi cord cause far cry 3 looks way better than that
Archer Fisher1: I found a better product that will prevent the Back Flow Valve from damage caused by freezing. It is called reValv™ http://revalv.com It is easy, affordable DIY kit. I have installed the kit and now I can winterize my back flow prevention valve in less than 5 minutes and even in the dark. It is a great product!!
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