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Rcflyyer1: Nice vid! Keep up the good work! ~Adam
kapik kapik: Mam włączone nagrywanie a nie ma obrazu jak to zrobić wiecie może???
GavraBAMF!: this is my fav. Bluedrake video
Cleiton Benigno De Jesus: I have one like yours how you managed to install sonar HC-RS04 in multwwi pro help me I live in Brazil
ORGASMIC SHOPPER: love your natural hair. love wigs. I have to say as a lace front monofilament  top wig wearer ( did you  say it had that or just a lace front?), I have to say its one of the worst wigs I have ever seen. namely because it was hand made.  you need to try jon renau and try one of theirs. then you will see what I mean.  I have just tried Amanda in that range and its amazing....... listening to and watching other people on you tube gave me the guts to part with such a lot of money. so glad I did. the hair on your one just looks so fake and the black just looked wrong. maybe its the texture of the hair but not good.
Tarkan Kilic: I really LOVE the way the PS3 Slim 120GB looks. Why in gods name did sony come with the ultra slim and changed the slot loading drive with a mechanical slide door. Its soo flimsy looking. I'm lucky I have a PS3 Slim 500GB Western Digital HDD Scorpio Blue 5400rpm. 
Беркут Беркут: У тебя рук нету.
Как две макаронины бля!!!!!))))))