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Garfit Gar: Glycogen storage muscle energy
EasyEtheHawaiian: No trauma to any part of her body, any. Not to mention that he's 6'4 and an athlete.
Подолян Александр: Цена какая
Russ Post: Annoying ass music
DujuruPrincipe808: bad ass laptop but for some reason i hate the way the case looks; the way the case opens midway from the back. i suppose its an advantage but i dont like it. still a nice laptop tho!
Kool kat Kol: I like to use it free hand
Ninchu Katana: Как странно, я установил ядра, меня просто откидывает в меню выбора игры, пытался запустить и сеговскую и несовскую игру, никак