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dan bark: im really happy to see pokemon Sun and Moon has been getting such an overwhelming positive feedback
Laura Filby: The wax that is left can be stored together and then once you have as much as you like, melt them together and make your own candles. It'll be a unique smell and there's no waste. You can buy candle wick very cheaply on Amazon.xx
target destroy: il mirabolante presidente volante
Piti Rodrigues: Genious!!!!
Allen Brown: Good job. Makes me excited and will try to join in next time (2014). Thanks and 73, Brownie KZ3AB Laurel, Maryland USA
Bad Crysis: Girrantina Satan of the pokemon world XD
Gagarin Dem: а если поехать с уровнем Beginer ? примут или пошлют куда подальше?:)