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Антонина Золотаревич: Напишите тошнит уже сутки спать не могу 89244206804 есть врачи заранее спасибо
Nikki: Thank you!!!!! You are fantastic! I literally had an ahha moment.
Dubious Jesse: I updated my bios and now I cannot get back into my bios.  I backed up my bios, but I cannot revert back to it becacuse the screen stays blank.  Any idea on how to fix? thanks!Similar gigabyte mobo with the addition of thunderbolt.
17Heaven Faith of Hope: are they paper?
Kayla Thomas: The detailed designs with a thorough and clear instructions makes working with this plan fast and easy [Google search>>> https://plus.google.com/+LarrySamford/posts/NWPPQrpH9DV ]. It's time saving and fun to use this plan. Thank you for releasing such a treasure.
mike lopez: Kinda sucks that mh3u on 3ds isnt online capable, but at least they confirmed that mh4 on 3dd will be :)
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