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KamiSando: Por favor, só não fala "bonecas" xD São action figures articuladas (bonecas faz lembrar as Barbies e coisas assim...)
Romi Hh: Como se llama la musica🎶
Klaudia Molnár: I agree with you. I had this phone 1-2 years ago, but this screen is dilapidated in 7 months...
animegirl21: Then go to the live show and get VIP tickets in whichever state you are from
John Fry: Where do I find a tournament schedule? Would really love to come to them
Eros Now: What happens when #Yudi asks #Aanchal for a kiss?
Lisa& Serafina: This doll is SO PRETTY!!!!
But i Cain,t get her cause i live in Europe 😥