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Николай Марьясов: вот бля распаковка карты это актуально
Juanma Highway: how much distance does it reach?
lyomon: The problem with all countrys he the need to pile resources
Vicki S.: doing this for amime expo this year thank you for this! and the coupon 🤗😍
The only TeaGuru: really excited about the new ZTE phone, but annoyed that they are still using that exclusive phone carrier strategy. That strategy doesn't work, I'm not gonna switch to AT and T from Verizon, it's not a good network and it's a huge hassle to even switch phone brands anyway. Even with big data, companies are out of touch!
Ober Zyph: Jenny says steve's wife is hot in a way as if women gamers couldnt be hot.... are you tryin to say your not a gamer jenny? Your smoking hot too! :)   -- had to peer at that ring finger after you brought up steve's wife, surprised you havent been swept up yet! 
MsDee J: yourgalvapal, It's been 2 yrs so of course just watching your review, but did your scar n blemish cream come that day? I was looking for an update but didn't see one.