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FairyTaleBeliever: Why did I watch this, it just made me jealous 😭 Seriously amazing collection, congrats! You have some of my own holy grails 😂
Dreyn 77: You can't upgrade these things. That's like saying you're making another car inbetween an RC car and a full sized car. If you can transform an RC scaled down car into a full sized RC car, then that would be something! Upgrading to what? People could upgrade to plastic items. Plastic was only invented 40 - 50 years ago, so its something basic humans couldn't invent. Your concept of what is value able is wrong! Do you want glass or gold? Aluminium is older than plastic.
Ivestor1: This is the first and only video of someone showing the rear seats folded down on this car.  It's about time.
gamernerd1992: BABY DUCKS
UnXpEcTeD 21: Thank you very much it's work thank you
RC Hunter: this music sucks
ant man and the wasp: what music minute 4:20?