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Alice Devlin: Nhiều bạn xem clip này xong có vẻ ảo tưởng :)))
Ricardo Zapata: Buen video... pero me da cosas sacarles las piernas a mi myth cloth... No hay ningún riesgo q se rompan...???
Rhyan Scott: This feels like an acid trip
Apothocary Kled: I Personally think that redstone is just getting harder/easier and their for what we now qualify as simple is higher. We can now do stuff we never have been able to do before. *thinks about 30x11 door*
mike renza: I have a 97 grand marquis and it wont start from the key just remote start.i put in a new ignition switch and same thinng.i bypasses the remote start and no start.the wire that suppose to be 12volts when cranking has no power?
Chaos Hawk: 2018 anyone?
judyboyyt: Amazing and delicate design!