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Robert Wall: If i would want 1 character in this game, It would rather be Specter as an echo of spike, or Bomberman
JAGExecutiveServicesInc: Just my luck the retainer tab on the left front lens broke on my 2012. Cheap crap.
woodswal: That was you in Norbit? You are a great actress. I would love to see you in more roles.
Shiryuko: Great vid, bro! Awesome skill you got there. Same music from the legendary "Azure Macabre" DMC3 Vergil combo video, i like it!
Mushroom Surprise: Ultears return needs an explanation ASAP lol. It's cool that Jellal is back, can't wait to see his training results. Nice review bro!
SniperDog: wallpaper link please?
Polaris sportsman: That was the Ferrari of snowmobiles when I was a kid