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Timothy Proffit: I do wonder if God did not take Veron out of the earth for a different assignment in the heavenlies- eternity.
Sometime in evangelical teaching we assume Satan was behind every death that appears to be premature (I know, Jn.10;10, I spent several years in seminary crunching scriptures) but what we do not know was why did God take Enoch and Elijah from the earth in which seems prematurely. What did He do with them when they crossed? Im just putting some ideas out there. We donot need to figure it all out.
One thing Veron did was to throw a brindge over to the other side, the Catholic and E. Orthodox Church. This has melted away lots of the razzle-dazzle and flare that I learned from mainstream teachings. He caused me to want to slowly study and ruminate as I search scriptures.
Veron, please pray for me as I press toward the High mark that I may become holy, sinless. God bless you brother.

chocmilkshake24: He's what I imagine when I think of an alternative Clark Kent.
Jessica Tse: what secondary characters were you annoyed with reading about?
DJ Dynablend: Yo Man I sent you some graphics for your instagram check your email
Lopez Fuentes: I miss her a lot.from Gaby:'( :'(
Ainah Legaspi: paupload po yun interview ni direk CGM..thank u po
Randolph Mantooth: Get her in the bath next time.