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Rayyan abdulrahaman: nice vid what is the name of music?
Hunter Landry: U should of let ottawa win
Alpha Games: LMGs are portable The MG08 is not portable irl
stevie firth: Look 2 so pretty
theaudiophilestore: I currently have a pair of SX6 bookshelf speakers in for audition, and I had a pair of Polk R50, and I must say, the SX6 (little brother to the Fluance floor speaker here) offer a more listenable sound (warmer, cleaner, with more extended treble, and more palpable imaging), not to mention that the R50s are more than the pair in this video and they are vinyl wrapped whereas Fluance models use good quality real wood veneer. I don't see a better pair of $200-$300 floor speakers new and delivered.
Chris 1: So how long can you sprint for ? What s the physical limit ? Can you sprint for 200m ? Also do you train your Vo2 max better when you sprint ?
shygirlnow2011: I love the box and the perfume sounds like those classic sets of perfume where there is one signature pick out of the line or set. will have to check that one out.