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John Nelson: dripp is a rude manner less little bully
aircraft99: congratulations this p-40 is great. I like the way you created the steam from the guns. I've build academys 1:72 scale tiger
WarMachine 1776: I sense that Geralt of River Area was not the inept one here...
Ryan: When Julie asked for a show of hands as to who the evicted house guests would vote to win, Morgan was the majority. So, wouldn't Jason lose anyway?
Esther Mbunya Ntie: Contradictory!!!
Phayth Yang: Silly question but when you say flannel... do you mean 100% cotton flannel?
Gulshirin Tajmahal: Wah kya baat hai. man sacche gyaan se bahr gaya hai.
waise uss brahman ki aawz yigi aadityaath se bahut milti hai.