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jo shmo: "got a nice little 50" says it like the 50" inch aint a 50"
Laura Feldsteen: Just had to watch this video again. I have been passing a bunch of keke's lately and my Dad said no it's not good. Go to first watch. I wanted to see again what you guys said lol.
Chaitzz Gadkari: please make an review of xolo q1010i
OMNISLASHER1000: I made a new version of youtube , it's called "freakGOOGLETUBE!"
V Hill: Freetress hair can be hot curled. She could have hot curled it and probably should not have brushed it so much.
Mr. Malloy: Who makes these?!?!
seekandestroy77: bro, your obliques are all I want off ur body man. (not gay)