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Sarah O' Connell: How have I not come across you before?! So glad to see a channel of a fellow Irish girl who is fair! Must spend the weekend checking out the rest of the videos.
Bethany B: Loved the haul💕You are a natural beauty on camera
Perfect .Physique: I have one and never used it would it work on my xbox one
Pumpkin Manual: What am I doing wrong? I soaked the decale after I cut out shape, then I applied a gel top coat , flash cure for 20 seconds, then tried to apply the decale, but was hard and sliding all over the nail, it felt like plastic, not soft and mouldable ?? What was I doing wrong? Or is it just a cheap decale? Any brands you recommend ??
Toni Mager: I think it would make a great movie :)
Gzpy: If anyone is having issues with this controller, I recommend going to their website and find octane 2.21 fix for the controller. It will fix all the issues from microphone issues to mods issues.
Davide Graffieti: Io c'ero! I was there!