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LND - LegendsNeverDie: 2013
GreenGoal☼8E: (8 24 15) Steven Chapman 1 year ago in reply to GreenGo☼80
Lol his stubborness annoys me. I like xbox 360 but I will not support the x1 because of thier policies on drm. I might get one down the line when they are dirt cheap. I will be getting a ps4 at launch because it's a powerhouse compared to x1 and because of x86 architecture being the easiest to program games for, seeing as it's pc architecture multiplats will be better on ps4 due to better hardware. Plus I will have my pc and wiiu (for the first party titles of course)             Bob Saget  1 year ago     in reply to microsf121         
Ok kid troll on don't try to twist what the developer said when moving forward meaning moving to the next gen you idiot which the developers would need for the xbox one as well. So fanboy out somewhere else.

Zaki2K: Posiadam problem, po podłączeniu radia wyskakuje komunikat: zabezpieczenie elementów aktywne, coś w tym stylu i zero dzwięku z radia. Jakieś porady ?
Vojta V.: Is that sound with original drumhead? =)
SupermotoHaarlem: Lekker baantje he !!
Super Marioandsonicfan 768 The Hedgehog: I Got This Game For Christmas In 2012
Mat Layanz: noob la korang meh black jack settle