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Igor Filin: Thank You for the review. I've built this Pony Car. Nathanael is the best creator. :)
Mia Rangel: I swear this guy is so damn annoying...
Thiago Fernandes: "Many people don't like it when reviewers are negative." Wrong! Many people (if I can use the term loosely) don't like it when reviewers are aggressive. Aggression can be a healthy way to relieve stress if you can control it. Take my words for what they're worth Brett. Do you think you can control your anger? This review shows me that you can.
Frosty Fire: Now imagine it with motion sensor controlled miniguns.
TheChivanda: E3 tomorrow !!!!!! freak this game lol ....
Gaming Shenanigans: The Prefecture is one of my go to buildings when I'm doing large city building, though it can be a little tricky to fit in sometimes. Every housing district needs one I reckon because of the savings I believe I got the free forum city trait right after this mission, had to take a city talent first to unlock it, but you're right it's awesome. The saving of a thousand denarii is godly and lets you build it centralised as well because you can plonk it down first
selina jiaxin: i just watched this cause im interested in cosrx products but may i know what dimethicone thing is? does it clog your pores or something? im really new to skincare stuff hehe ^^