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Anna Makeithappen: I just discovered your channel looking for hair tutorials !! So nice
Paul C: Nice, & Nice to see the Young people collecting record's, Love the colored vinyl How many do you have? I have over 4,000 Lp's I have to make a new video with all the records I got at the last 2 record fairs but here is a link to my youtube video's from the last time. Hope you get a chance to look at it https://www.youtube.com/user/pjcdrummer
C Harris: Great review. Thanks!
こい川しんじ: WP, what server you on? I'd love to play with you :)
Branan Silvius: Great observations and perspectives. I always enjoy your outlook on this subject Shama.
rageedii: i am going to get one next year 2018 1 march
ramiro gomez: Que calidad de muerda de tu vídeo carnal