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смауг ужасный: черную стрелу мне в анал сколько рекламы
Sara Obrochta: So much peace & love! 😍🐰
ChvdMr: Very nice design and proportions. But the regular cab is ugly.
Han Hattori Hanzo: Quick update: I found that if your device has a slower/older GPU it can't handle the FPS or game content, because it is incredibly too much for it to process. That is why the game crashes when the intro video starts playing. There are a few fixes that are possible. Cheap way is to ensure your device is capable of handling this type of game. Make sure your OS is updated as well as the game. Expensive way: When I traded in my old iPad Mini for the iPad Mini with Retina Display, the game plays completely with no errors. I apologize in advanced to anyone who cannot play this game because their hardware will not allow them to. Good Luck.
Aaron Schaefer: wtf why r the beds out sides
mizmunchkin1982: Best methods out there and one of the most straight forward to the point up close clear tutorial I have ever seen - I would say I would subscribe but I already did a long time ago for this reason ;) Keep up the good work - We appreciate you!!!
Kaden Taylor: It has stiffer seats because it's the sport model with sport seats...