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WalterWhite: cooooooooooool it loks a lot like him
Popatlal Jina: Thanks for the video
small footprint: So clear. Thank you.
Johnny Todd: can't believe you dropped the whole tank! completely unnecessary, you should have siphoned out most of the gas first, then drop it 2 inches and the whole fuel pump can be replaced its a 10 minute job
Mirell Garcia lechuga: esta buenfacil
Lyla Mortimer: This episode is missing some key things in the books...
Remek Szyszko: wlasnie nie do grania i serfowania po necie nadaje sie w 100% ,fakt brak diody doswietlajacej scenerie ,ale wydajnosc przy 2 giga ramu i procerowi Qualcomm o taktowaniu 2,2 ghz 4 rdzeniowy daje rade jest gitara

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