Valentina By Valentino/Sigma Precision Kit

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eric vssl: LOL!!! Mine one doesn't have any of that because I got two bottle of it and you might be getting the fake or the rejected item 😂😂 poor thing

Alejandra Red: Valentina is the coolest perfume I've ever had, saddly you're right It lasts 3 hours

Sue Bryant: oh how disappointing from a high end perfume to have such a cheap flower on it :( .. like the look of those brushes though xx beauty and lifestyle: This was a helpful review of the sigma brushes for me as I've been looking at them for a bit now and you've helped me make my decision, thanks. Definately the angled one and maybe the pointed one but definately not the other two.

Purplena: I'm obsessed with brushes too! I'm not a makeup artist but when it comes to cosmetics and brushes...I just can't seem to help myself. I bought the Sigma "Make Me Classy" Professional Kit (12 brushes) because of the reviews here on YT and was very disappointed. How do these new Sigma brushes compare to those? Thanks for the video! xo

Shelly Block: Frankie-i have been playing with cool colours you send and loving it! colors i dont have- makes it more fun1 hope u like what u got- the clif bars are my fav- i eat them every day- 80% organic. see you in the videos LOL x shelly

Alex Baridon: Great video

Shelly Block: Frankie- i have not met a brush that beats the real techniques- they are fraction of the cost of sigma- i wash them every week- zippo fallout- no shedding- The idea of the bottle was good just the execution sucked- 3 yrs ago a store here called anthropologie- had art students come up with a design- and they created walls with paper flower sculpture similar to whats on the bottle- its stunning when done right- smooth texture of paper playing wiht shadows-makes me want to do it my walls! x shelly

Susanne - RangerMommy: Hi Frankie, Wow! That bottle really is horrible. Thanks for showing it. I was thinking that if you don't know of him already you might enjoy perfume reviews by this Danish guy here on UT by the name of "Pfalzgreven" (not affiliated) because he tells some really good stories in case you have not found him. Love your videos always. Warm regards from the west coast of Canada.

Kate Shaw: You have an amazing sense of style and presentation Frankie. I always enjoy your videos.

sek4me: Hi Frankie ! I am such a brush lover and wanted to get these but it isn't a good time for me right now but they look like they would be perfect for special areas of the face . Always a pleasure to see a video from you . Hugs to you ~ Susie

ziplockcan: I like the look of the P86 might be good for putting eyeshadow in the crease

ivmeonly: The more synthetic brushes I use the more I prefer them over the animal hair version, they blend cream products better, washes better, cost way less for some and feels softer on the skin. All those trimmed animal hair brushes pricks a little but no such problem with synthetic brushes at all.....or is it just MAC brushes that pricks a little?

blissHeavenly: They're above my means unfortunately , but I love to indulge in your and other people's purchases xxx.

blissHeavenly: Oh those brushes are to die for ...... Well I can dream can't I ? :) xxlisaxx

Tonks1967: Love the top part of the bottle!! Valentino should of work a little harder on this one. The Sigma brushes look good. I'm thinking of getting the full set that also come with the face one too..... Love me some brushes too.

Alison P: Im so shocked that valentino created that i have the valentino absolu and its gorgeous those brushes look great i also prefer brushes with smaller heads :)
Valentina by Valentino/Sigma precision kit 5 out of 5

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The unprofessional: Skull warrior is the child of skull grinder
eric vssl: LOL!!! Mine one doesn't have any of that because I got two bottle of it and you might be getting the fake or the rejected item 😂😂 poor thing
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Valentina by Valentino/Sigma precision kit