How To Make: Plastic Training Guns

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William Wong: Good job!

fusazzo94: Just 3D print it 😂

Bryan M: a materials list and a step by step video would be great.

jake legg: Yes I would be interested in knowing more about this subject

Robert Walker Goodyear: Hi I am curious, I have a gun made out of mold. I just had it painted and I am trying now to figure out how to wrap the handle. The kit came with string which I dyed but I don't know where to start because with this gun it starts at wrapping around the handle and then goes down... I have seen several YouTube vids on how to wrap handles but I haven't seen much videos on how to properly wrap the handles of molded gun kits... This is Ronan Dex's gun from StarGate Atlantis if that helps out... Any help would be appreciated...

Olivia Bishop: Do you have a materials list?

rocco1203: great info! thanks Gwebs,,....

GunWebsites: We were talking about making these last night

So I thought I would share this video about making your own 'Blue Guns' 

#TrainingGun   #BlueGun   #plastic  

Jason Adams: I am more interested in your molding techniques and how you protect the original firearm during the impression process. Do you use a special molding clay? Is cleaning the firearm afterwards an issue or do you have any advice on that topic?

Pherson Weathermon: By mold i mean the plastic gun itsself not whatused to make it :)

Pherson Weathermon: Hey do you have a good mold of the naa 22 mag 1 5/8" barrel id buy one from ya if so i need all the models if you have em i make leather holsters. Email me at

crazywhitedog78: Thanks for posting this!! Question 1- Where do you get the foam material? 2- where do you get the plastic material. 3- how heat resistant is the plastic once set? 4-what is the name if the plastic material? I am planning on making these so I can use in kydex holster making.

GunWebsites: I guess it's oil of some kind

GunWebsites: oh yes, there is

Connor Gaskin: Is there not a problem with it gunking up the firearm

Lauren Gonzalez: im wanting to make a large plasma gun i sculpted out of clay, mind if i ask who you bought your resins from? is the mother mold made out of alginate? thanks for shaing :)

Marshall Jefferson: can they shoot

john speer: I dont have a ton of time to do this kind of thing. Its awesome how easy it is but looks super time consuming. Would you be interested in making me a mold of an springfield armory xdm 5.25. Im a holster maker in need of one. If not could I do a polymer frame pistol without ruining it.

The Gibbenator: I'm wanting to make a pair of replicas based on the Ebony and Ivory guns from Devil May Cry, no moving parts or firing capability, and this looks like an interesting idea. I tried researching some specific details on my own, but found nothing. Could I ask for a little help on materials needed?

Kevin Baily: can you make another video more step by step walk through on how you made these? where did you get the materiel?
How to Make: Plastic Training Guns 5 out of 5

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Kamil Raku: I love this cards Mike... Keep doing them they´re awesome!
William Wong: Good job!
Megan Habib: im 4'11 is 20.5 inch the way to go?
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motokid032: Does the weathervaining effect come into play on these little guys? Like if you're going at a pretty good speed will the vert stab keep the tail following the nose?
Mj 2005: Second only to daggerfall for biggest map ever created
Aitor A: Beautiful craftmanship!!

How to Make: Plastic Training Guns