My Cheek Piercing Experience // & Retiring??

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My cheek piercing experience // & Retiring??
My cheek piercing experience // & Retiring??
Removing my cheek piercings!
Removing my cheek piercings!
Cheek Piercing Review
Cheek Piercing Review
Swollen Cheek Piercing; Replacing Jewelry
Swollen Cheek Piercing; Replacing Jewelry

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Mandy Zubick: So wait, crusties aren't normal? Or did you mean the fluid staying inside is not good or normal?

onosai keith: My dermal rejected a few days ago uhhhhhh I'm a little bummed

Chloe Ament: I’ve had them years now as well and they still aren’t “healed” ..ugh I love them so much though, I understand your predicament

Sabra S: I'm in the same boat! I love them to death but they are so frustrating! I think I want to retire mine as well it's like you want to. Everyone tells me that they want theirs done I'm like they are high maintenances.

ItsMelinna: The only reason why I would ever get cheek piercings are to have dimples ❤️ they just look so cute 😂

Chelsea Fox Chic: I've had my cheek piercings since I was 16 I'm now 23. I love mine and will probably never take them out. I gotthe fluid pockets on both sides they eventually just stopped coming up and now they are fine and healed. Mine leak which is annoying but other than that they are fine and I'm in love. By far my favorite piercings I have/have had.

Vanessa Rodriguez: I got the fluid pockets on both sides and I'm almost a week in...I really hope I don't need to take them out

Harley Quinn: Did it hurt

Sydney Massacre: I've had my cheeks pierced for about 3 months now and they've been very problematic. I clean them very often and do everything they told me, I've had to go get my left one drained twice already because the lymphatic fluid stops coming out of the piercing and created a pocket inside my cheek that is very painful to drain. Also my right one has migrated a little down so my left one is higher which doesn't really bother me, but I love them. :)

Rob Smith: Love your stretched ears. What size are they?

Whoever Itis: The way you have applied your blush suits you SO well!

Niki Chester: I want my cheeks pierced simply for permanent dimples. How long would I have to leave them in for permanent results?

Red Bean: I've wanted them for a long time but there are so many terrible stories about them. Should I get them? To you recommend them?

Deziray Jackson: love it but I want snake bites

Lena: Since I m watching your videos, I m really obssesed with the cheek piercings, I want to get them. but I m 31, am I too old for this kind of stuff?

Keri Paulson: Where did you get those weights in your ears?? I've been looking for some like them!

Jovana Dorame: does it hurt getting cheek piercings?

GumDrop9503: do you have a tongue split

Lisa Lillnor: Exact my story! Hahahah, love/hate feelings!

ilayda yıldız: How did you drained fluid pockets? I have a pocket in my helix piercing too and I want to get rid of it
My cheek piercing experience // & Retiring?? 5 out of 5

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My cheek piercing experience // & Retiring??