Here's How Education Can Drive You Crazy...

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Here's How Education Can Drive You Crazy...
Here's How Education Can Drive You Crazy...
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R. Dosanjh: This is what a schizophrenic would say because he caused the disorder in a girl or boy. Nice try. Fanaticism made you psycho. Maybe a paid OP.

Home Den: This is why I got depressed the first few weeks of geometry... then we used algebra to find the angles of triangles, and I was like "YAY" even though I'm not the best at algebra.

marina rosin: I'm never going to school again!!!

JimMonsanto: OH MY GOD! There is NO SUCH THING as over educated. There is only one condition: not educated enough. There are no educated people. There are no people with "just enough" education. ALL PEOPLE are FOREVER under educated. The most educated, smartest genius who knows more than anyone else ever, is a woefully undereducated idiot and is smart enough to know it, and strives for more.

Bram D.: If you're dumb or medium smart, you look at the world thinking that almost everyone's around your level of intelligence (generalized) and that there are smart people. When you're smart or very intelligent you look at the world and see that 99% of the people are dumb, making you feel "what's left for humanity? is it all worth it anymore because the people don't know what why or where? freak this *bam*" suicidal intelligent people

Bram D.: Studying should be held to a minimum of time, but you should learn new things constantly

Ryan Johnson: And more time being used to being in a program and the job market far from a program.

Diego Ortúzar: Both. We are speaking about how people with high education and high IQ develop in a society formed of "less fortunate" individuals.

Xx_Loaf Bloke_Xx: Nah i'm just kinda roostery online sorry :p

Chapstic: Education ≠ intellegence . Intellegence is defined on the choices you make.

BlueJupiterJazz: And does this have to do with intelligence or society?

Diego Ortúzar: Actually it does qualify them. I am studying Genomic Sciences at a research facility, and I have noticed most scientists have poor social skills, are narcissistic, and overall annoying (by most standards); they are very much like a watered down version of Sheldon Cooper. Even though they don't show it while at work, I know that their personal lives are rather lacking, despite being highly prepared for their field of study. It is easier for a person of low IQ to become a celebrity.

g cecg: As a person who studied for his doctorate in Europe, I can say that this study reflects the situation there more than in general. If you spend that much time on higher education, you are hoping for a university career. In Europe the faculties are so saturated, that even a low-level one-year contract is difficult to come by, let alone a permanent position. Most of my former colleagues who remain there haven't found work and they may wait for many years. That explains the unhappiness.

Zack Corbin: Cool

NeverEnoughBall: Mortality is depressing and the world sucks and is unjust. The longer you study the more you realize it. Also the craptiness of other people becomes more obvious.

ananym: I think the key question here is what "overeducated" means. According to the first lines in the huff post article that is linked here it is people in jobs that required less education than that people had. So, I think not education is the problem, but the lack of good jobs.

Xx_Loaf Bloke_Xx: I think I feel this way. I am very educated especially for my rather young age of 16. I'm already taking college classes and i'm in my last year of school, I've won many different academic challenges and awards, and I used to be home-schooled which gave me a great start to my academic life. However as a job I teach people to ski and I do odd-jobs (usually physical) to make money. I could be doing much more even at my young age. I feel kind of down, and it may stem from that. Thoughts?

BlueJupiterJazz: Alright, although I don't know Spanish very well and that wasn't enough information to find that source, I'm moving on to my more important point: that not every upper IQ person becomes a celebrity. What do they have in common? They founded something groundbreaking. It's also widely claimed that at least Einstein and Tesla had other mental illnesses, in which I infer they wouldn't qualify for a study/survey of the correlation between happiness and intelligence.

Diego Ortúzar: I have biographies of Einstein, Tesla and Darwin from the spanish editorial Debolsillo.

Jack Hardy: I never said he wasn't brilliant. he was. however, he enacted that brilliance in a way that made others hate him.
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Here's How Education Can Drive You Crazy...