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marconewt: tried to maiden fly mine in 15 mph wind and gusty. no go. was able to bring it down ok but was wondering !!
MrMentalInertia: +MAJ-12/SM420 Why are you making threats over youtube? Nobody likes an internet tough guy, especially one that disables replies to his internet tough guy statements.
Perdicas: Dude what happened to that murphy brother's wrist?
M&M Chomp: what type of armors are you using?
Gabriel_Kill3r XD: Aaaaaagggrrr! to cansadoooo everyone records the video of the golden freeza mod but he does not leave his link in the description of the video so that others can download it because the golden freeza he is hidden and the guys download his mod and leave it in the description to help the Other I hate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thomas Wilson: I keep stressing the benefits of cycling over running.

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