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Merkkrai Aus: I bought PES for the first time this year to see what all the hype is about and tbh I am pretty disappointed. I think the gameplay does feel abit better and more fun than FIFA (in some ways) but it definitely feels a lot more arcade/childish at the same time. For example to defend you literally just hold a button and have one of your players magically run and get the ball for you haha. I wish there was a hybrid of both because tbh none of them are good enough for me. FIFA has awesome control/skills moves but for some reason it's frustrating to the point of it not being fully fun. PES does feel more fun but just doesn't have a serious enough vibe and feels like it was designed for a younger audience.
qino lingat: its like a car
Isaacg2011: thank you for this video cuz i got this for my friend in rl cuz his birthday is coming up and this is my dad's account just so you know
MegaFresh: ich hab die ganze map in 11 minuten geschafft ihr noobs
Richard Cowtails: what do you think of the quality of the wrench?
vincent morgan: this book needs a mans voice
BufoProject: New official version available:

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