Alice Madness Returns Review

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Alice Madness Returns Review
Alice Madness Returns Review
Alice: Madness Returns Review!
Alice: Madness Returns Review!
Video-Review: Alice - Madness Returns (720p) (German/Deutsch)
Video-Review: Alice - Madness Returns (720p) (German/Deutsch)
Alice Madness Returns review
Alice Madness Returns review
Raychul Reviews: Alice - Madness Returns
Raychul Reviews: Alice - Madness Returns

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Adam Miller: Is that Mac from Always Sunny?

xGhostelx: U call him a loser over a complaint of not seeing game footage?Fail

Lubomír Lopaur: It is my duty as a gamer to buy this game and support American Mcgee (and other developers), because this game has SO original graphic design (why does everyone keep complaining about that) and atmosphere, great gameplay (the games should be played regularly and not for a long time, because then you get bored and start complaining about linear gameplay) and also (which is rare nowadays) great story and original and atmospheric soundtrack.

Tevoxzi: imo, an 8.5/10. A great game definitely. Audiobugs? Well, I played it on the PC.

Joe Cockx: finally a review that doesn't constantly bitch about stuff that is wrong with the game

Thilany Anchor: @percyinthestyx honestly, blood freaks me out, but when playing this game, u hardly notice it! the story line, the chracters and puzzles just gets ur mind off it. trust me, ive played games tht people have said is only a bit bloody and hav almost faainted. this game is bloody, but not nightmare worthy. ;) (well, except hysteria...)

MayneslyTime: @stargazer209 Reversed or invert? Cuz it gives you the option to change that when you start the new game.

MayneslyTime: Just beat it 2 days after getting it. Freaking awesome! But why does the first one have to be so HAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRDD?!

Fernando Carvalho: I went threw this game three times and loved it all the tech problems are true but the good out way them when a game makes you forget these issues it has to be special

kvj1989: Hopefully we wil get some new chapters soon.

stargazer209: I didn't have that audio problem, but what I did have was that the camera controls were reversed and that was really hard to get used to

MayneslyTime: Well, it wouldn't surprise me that it took so long to came out. I mean, look at Tron: Legacy! It took like 28 years for that!

MayneslyTime: Does the playstation 3 version have improved graphics?

enin washington: Well I'll give Alice 8.5/10 each level was long, well maybe too long. The best level to me was Cardkingdom it wasn't to long or to short just right. I haven't beat it yet but I hope she finds out who was the cause of her parents demise

tomimn2233: i give the game itself a 7/10 but then since Alice is so lovely i'm gonna crank it up to 9/10.

cybercybex: 34 people got stuck with the invisible walls

yannick125: who gives a freak about the invisible walls GROW SOME BALLS

Bullet4MyAngelS: heeeey what about the invisible walls my good sir :D :D

MrJack0spades: plz plz plz buy such games.... not everything is multiplayer...think dead space 1 (they just had to force it in 2 though).... its sumthing u can always come back to...

Jordon Kear: You, my friend, have just earned a new subscriber. Great review. You actually did a review the way they are supposed to be done.
Alice Madness Returns Review 5 out of 5

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Alice Madness Returns Review