Tom Brown Tracker T4 Test And Review

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crambone t: That Joe flowers?.. Lol

Joranba: No thanks. I can find maybe 4000 better options for 1/4 of the price and still quality knives ranges!. I want to try the full size tracker some day, but making a trade, I dont want to buy it. Nice review by the way.

Tehbigsexy: This is so dumb

Tehbigsexy: 10/10 best chopper

Richard Edgecomb: interesting review. It does encourage me to rethink the design.

Lakota Sioux: this guy who is doing this test and previews of that mini tracker.... I must say this, I do believe that he must've benn born yesterday.... he tried so hard to use that (mini tracker) to use it as an ultimate bushwacker knife for survival.... the main thing for small knives are for cutting meats, vegetables, cutting amazon boxes or plastic bags, and maybe make a good tinder out of any long dry grass or a hay....

Jonathan Oakley: for 172$ this is a rip off

Christopher Ronningen: Great review

Bigfoot Bushcraft: I love Joe's e2e test vids... He has a real love for what he does and it shows in his test vids.

david donaldson: it looks difficult to sharpen anyone have any tips?

tracker fiend: People still dissing the knife, even after it has been proven to be a very versatile tool. If you don't like the knife fine, but try to keep the knife bashing to a minimal. I use my Tracker all the time and it's never failed me.

Marco Montana: Great review , crap knife! This style and shape sucks for carving, sucks in balance, sucks, in sharpening, and sucks for sawing. This entire knife is a Cult Knife only,  You would be better with almost any other knife on the planet!

Freddy Aron: Folks, unless you have used an item, I mean really tried it out the proper way it was designed for, it is very ignorant to criticize it.  If a knife is good, it doesn't threaten the knife you like, so why all the hate?  I just am lost on the trash talking of a person you don't know or an item you have little to no experience with.

Blade Monkey: I have one of these I use for edc and it work great.

Woodsman's Mindset Channel: Hey Brother Joe how would you compare the T-4 to the ESEE Izula 2? 

Bigfoot Bushcraft: I got those same pants. They're awesome.

Prost!Stuttgart: This is a nice knife don't get me wrong, but I would spend a little more and purchase the full size. Get this one for a Cub Scout

Hunter Green: Great review. Just got a new one in a trade. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing man. Mark in Ky..

MidWesti: I cant imagine paying $100 for this almost neck knife...
Tom Brown Tracker T4 Test and Review 5 out of 5

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Tom Brown Tracker T4 Test and Review