120 Watt 20 Amp Limit Raptor Box For Thewrightstripes

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Warsonmyback raptor box
Warsonmyback raptor box

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St Andrew: Your gonna be for sale on dbliquids? You taken the dukes spot? Would love to get my hands on one. Let me know how to purchase

Garrett Kennell: Do you have any tutorials on how to make them? I'm assuming you don't cause it might hurt your sales, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

ClockworkFPV: Thanks man

ClockworkFPV: I want one

Alex Delavega: Is there a specific direction to put batts in?

mmanda515: As someone who couldn't build OR wire a thing if my life depended on it.. unfortunately....... totally appreciate stuff like this & am SO jealous of people who can!   Nice work & LOVE the unique addition of a display/screen!  Been vaping nearly 2 yrs now & would love to find/buy one someday!   Well done & thumbs up to you!   =) Amanda/IL

scott johnson: This was a collective project to build the board ? Nobody is making these for sale anywhere ? This is just purely for Diy ? Any info would be awesome.

Rob Snyder: Would love to buy one from you how can i contact you?

Derek Jones: how are you getting the amps to the atomizer and what 510 connector are you using?

Nativeshooter83: I love mine its all I use

Keith lemon: Hey man, what magnets did you use for that Hammond enclosure?

jdls762: Hey man how much would it run me If you made me one?

Matthew Protzman: Any chance we could get a build video or a parts list at some point? Or is it all under wraps? Very cool build dude! Exciting stuff :D
120 watt 20 amp limit raptor box for thewrightstripes 5 out of 5

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120 watt 20 amp limit raptor box for thewrightstripes