Bakersfield Area Garbage Truck Compilation

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garbage truck compilation
garbage truck compilation

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Jake Walter: I

Jake Walter: Mob

JamesE 8: The Bridgeport at 1:01 sounds like the ZR's that my company has.

AussieGarbo: Damn there's a lot of Bridgeport presence in this area, seemed to be Ranger after Ranger, never seen so many of the same ASLs at once! Is Bridgeport based in the area or something? Enjoyed watching them all regardless, but I think the Delano trucks were my favourite, especially liked watching their Autocar tackling all those 300g, plus in the second clip of it there was that quick revs take off to get that packer going hard. Got a convenient view of that Howard's FL doing its thing across the road, perfect side on view for all the action... didn't even have to speak with the driver. Was awesome seeing that CSL in action, looking forward to checking out more of those soon! That R&F Python was sure giving those carts or something else a good whack against the hopper canopy, swung into it something proper. Thought he might've double dumped that container at 3:50, but clearly he did not give a crap haha Thought it was sweet how he used the second bin to push the other back into the enclosure, also all that revving to get the arms up the top so slowly when it almost seemed to be cushioning, then that quick throw down of the forks to dump the bin - kind of like revving to the prime the forks up with pressure! That ending shot was mad with the big Mack bouncing through a watered out alley and full throttling out of view.

Archie Iller: nice video

legodude24652: The Price trucks were pretty neat.. I love those Autocars with the wider fenders. Does the Wasco truck happen to pick up 300's or are the grippers just to ensure carts don't slip through? Loved the area the Pete/python was collecting with all rotos. Aaaaand there it is, BP on 300's. Magnificent. What a better way to start my day than to watch and laugh at BP's collectively struggle on everything, including greens haha. I think I've seen enough BP's to last me a while! Great video, pretty much everything else was entertaining, especially the FE CSL.

jas: sweett

MetroBoston Trash Trucks: I love that Mid Valley Disposal Mack MRU Mammoth. Loved the Ending with the driving Shot Nice Video Mike.

Angel Flores: Nice video

California Refuse Trucks: Excellent video!

Garbage Trucks AZ: Haha I thought that R&F Python must have a Phoenix chassis and then bam Alliance mudflaps. Very nice to see the CSLs. I know I'm just full of words on this comment but yeah, feel like we've talked the other trucks on Facebook haha

WMmaster626: Looks like a ton of trucks out there run on super singles haha Those two FLs look really good! Enjoyed the second Bridgeport. Seems like they really hit the spot on their redesign. Never heard of Howard's. That was neat. The cab on that ACX looked so plain! Who's Autoreach was that at 10:27? Couldn't get the name on the cab. Volvo CSL was beyond cool. Those trucks usually don't click with me, but that one was especially interesting. The clip at 11:20 was my favorite since you could see the arm slide out from under the truck. Looks like a pretty hard storm hit; haven't seen rain like that in so many years lol Last clip of the video was a great closing; especially with the truck driving through all those puddles haha Nice video! Thanks for making the trip out there.
Bakersfield Area Garbage Truck Compilation 5 out of 5

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Bakersfield Area Garbage Truck Compilation