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Matt Lo: Thanks for the Ride!
vishnu lal: please add full movie
johnnysmith2011: Dear Mr. Vasel, please go see a speech therapist. Your pronunciation is not good. Also, before 'diving into a sentence' (c), think about what you're going to say, and how you're going to finish it. It helps, you know... And also, please look up the definitions of 'bureucrat' and 'aristocrat'... You'll be amazed, they're actually different.
Rodrigo Martinez: Hey if your interested in the new 2012 Topps Football i pulled a Quarterback Milestones Passing yards of Kurt Warner serial numbered 13/25, ebay 1/1!!!!! His jersey number
JohnnyMario: 3:03 Hmm, did anyone say cookies~
Claudia Beckett: @6ArY9 jajaj ia somos dos io tambien la admiro, i ademas no es una persona arrogante k gira la espalda a sus fans, al kontrario,i kon todos los k tiene no tiene k ser fasil conservar la kalma.
soupdragon: Lol I can really hear the noise your wheel makes in this vid...

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