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Alexandre Gabriel Pinho Silva: How much for the dragon ?
Маргарита Золина: Залаяли прости
Robson BomBR: Funciona mesmo, valeu por compartilhar a dica!
Wousa Tousa: Is this a good laptop ?
Alfred Oropeza: That truck is a beast
Ксюша Ометова: девочка тебе надо выговаривать буквы
The Iridium Gamer: Is it just me, or is it crazy it's been 7 freaking years, and they just had 10 year celebration? I still find it crazy that time has flied away as much as it has, still a shame that minecraft got replaced with GTA V, but it guess the 10 year old turned into 17 year olds!

Tutorial de maquillaje: Skelita Calaveras