Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show Liberty Finals

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Yipsiba 16357910: Hermosos lindoooooos

Madeline Stevenson: Apaladin gets me so choked up. His gait and confidence make me absolutely speechless. If he was my horse I would create a shrine for him. What a gorgeous creature

Wendy M. Williamson: "Hey, look at me...I'm hot stuff!"

Haley Winterpie: whoever was going WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWOWOWOOWOWWOOWOWOW was really annoying xP

Dawn Hernandez: I love to put on Kashmir by Led Zeppelin and watch this video, gives me cold chills! Love the way these horses move, their spirit.

Karolina Grzesik: Stupid people ...
there's too loud for him and he's so confused

Kathryn Burnett: Love Arabians miss Bey Noble

Jackie L.: How long does it take to catch them again on average?

Paige Livingston: I had the privilege to be there for this class. No stallion every made me cry until Apaladin! His movements were something to behold! I've never forgotten this night!

carolk60: have these people no respect for these beautiful animals - why are they shouting etc - very strange to think that frightening the horses is "fun"!! but then you are the country that finds beauty in Tennessee Walking Horses - thank God I am from Europe

Phyllis Nunn: Would love to know who won!

Like 90': مِــكَــرٍّ مِــفَــرٍّ مُــقْــبِــلٍ مُــدْبِــرٍ مَــعــاً
كَــجُلْـمُوْدِ صَـخْرٍ حَطَّهُ السَّـيْلُ مِنْ عَلِ

لَــهُ أيْـطَــلا ظَــبْـيٍ، وَسَـاقَــا نَــعَــامَــةٍ
وإِرْخَــاءُ سَـرْحَــانٍ، وَتَـقْـرِيْــبُ تَـتْـفُلِ

RhapsodyOaksFarm: The gray horse's trot is AMAZING! I had to watch it a few times, it's so good and he knows it, too

Aaron&Wendi: Man arabians are freaking ugly.

alsosusieq2: At liberty you're able to see the horse's natural action as well as conformation. It appears as if it's a silly class as they're running free, but that's just it, they're not under control or their gait forced. It's one of my favorites as you can also get a great idea if their temperament and spirit. The quintessential Arabian is a breathtakingly spirited horse with a proud countenance.

René C Camphens: awful

lestrange: So does freestyle mean they just let the horse do whatever it wants, no trained routine or requires gaits? Just let it loose and it runs around? I like this it looks very natural.

jett888: That would be funny if a horse rolled right off the bat- when you released it. Mine always do, but then again, we aren't hazing the crap out of them.  Love seeing them so animated, but I wonder what it does for their nerves. lol Liberty work is wonderful!!

Dennet Offerman: Just loved the extension of the first horse's trot!

تركي المطيري: Arab horse is always the number one does not have a competitor
Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show Liberty Finals 5 out of 5

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Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show Liberty Finals