PLUM VIBES Makeup Tutorial

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PLUM VIBES ♡ makeup tutorial
PLUM VIBES ♡ makeup tutorial
Fall Makeup Tutorial. Plum Vibes   KimAllure
Fall Makeup Tutorial. Plum Vibes KimAllure
stillGLAMORUS! PLUM VIBES ♡ makeup tutorial
stillGLAMORUS! PLUM VIBES ♡ makeup tutorial
Bronze + Plum Eye Makeup
Bronze + Plum Eye Makeup

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anushka sens fan Hanshika: I like it. jjwj

Orlando Villa: Her make up is toomuch!

Areeba Khan: 💝

Diana Krusteva: I didn't see the colors you used because it was not focused. 😒😕

Rin F.: I agree, the top lip will wrinkle in time too. Still pretty but please remove them or do less. 💜

katie Ray: Love it, defiantly tryin this look. Thumbs up ❤️

R Mara: Amo seus videos....

Alexandra Velez: Am I the only one who loves the lips! Especially when her face is still. And her smile is flawless. So beautiful

Ellie Malm: Love this look!

Loydi Carrion: so gorgeous

LeoArif1: Look beautiful

Fatima Amiril: i like her lips before

Ashley Sena: Really enjoyed this tutorial! <3

Kristen S.: Absolutely Beautifullllll like ALWAYYYYYS

Susmii Kabir: Wow! This is gorgeous😱 it was a very helpful talk through tutorial!

Nahla Parker: is that what you had done...lip fillers..omg..I thought you were growing a mustache... am not being funny please don't do it any more. And what did you do to your hair line? o.g... what is that man making you change like this for. I found your channel along time ago and enjoy watching but your new look is scary to me.

Dawn Marie: You are gorgeous in wine, perfect eye and hair color for it!

Trang Son: Love the tutorial. The man is hilarious 😂. He sounds like my children when I do my Tutorial.

وصفاتي wasafati: like it 😗
PLUM VIBES ♡ makeup tutorial 5 out of 5

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Joe maze: Wouldn't surprise me if this was the Halo game that was suppose to originally be on The Sega Dreamcast....

PLUM VIBES ♡ makeup tutorial