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BWOne: @Down2Skills not in that lin but different models. I actually don't use these monitors anymore as I upgraded.

vbhalo: @K4GE05 lol i knew youd use the playstation and i tank you for using it why dont YOU look up the playstaion you kn ow why IT WAS NINTENDOS IDEA dumbass the playstation 1 was origenaly a cd based ad on to the snes sony was hired by nintendo to make it the fact of the matter is sony tried to steal nintendos franchises so nintendo pulled out and hired panasonic (i think) something like it ok the playstation WAS NINTENDOS IDEA MINDFUK MOTHER freakER

vbhalo: @K4GE05 ok i asked you what sony had invented i dont care for microsoft im a nintendo guy now anser my question

vbhalo: @K4GE05 sorry name one idea sony has came up with on there own (ill give you the ps3 hardware) but come on name one thing sony came up with and i bet you they stole it

vbhalo: @GamingMan247 dont you know they have always stolen stuff off nintendo microsoft etc

moparful99: @GamingMan247 You need to stop talking.. You have no clue what you are talking about, sony has been developing motion controls since the begining of the ps2 era.. Sony also dabbled in the tech that is behind kinect but they decided that it wasnt a good fit for them and passed... Know you facts before you speak..

moparful99: @chrishackwood Well now after e3 2010 killzone and move is a reality... Get ready for the move it will rock...

Taka The Goat: Another Wii Ripoff

Clyaton: @bwonedotcom lol, that's kinda funny... to 5324er... It was never too late, it was only a matter of time. I wish good things for Nintendo's NEXT system, their current one has a few good games but that's it.. Move has so much potential... Sorcery particularly looks awesome.. and Gladiator in sports looks like a fun starter into games with swords and shields.

GamingMan247: lol sony ran out of ideas so they r coping off nintindo

MoonCrumpets: @milangw some games also use 2 move controllers and its optional, u can use a sub controller or just 1 move controller

Future Luffy God Of Grandline: belive me ps3 will be even better in 2011 ps3 get better and better every year all xbox is doin is tryin to copy

haashir007: is this a game or a software comming out like ps home??

BWOne: @5324er they have more of a shortage than really selling out. For some strange reason they didn't plan it with all of these big titles coming out to increase hardware production.

Tminus K: the slim just came out and theyre selling like crazy. its just the damn beginning for the folks at sony. motion controls are gonna attract new audiences, which will bring more ps3 sales, which will bring more psn members, which will bring more demand for more hardcore games and to put the playstation back on top just like the ps1 and the ps2. oh ur bet ur ass it is definitely not too late.

J Nope: @08jnope i am sorry if you cannot understand me when i get writing i think faster than i can type, so i may type a word or two twice.

J Nope: I heard playstation may be coming out with 3D games next. My thoughts on the Natal i think soon after the natals' release they will have controllers come out with it because when you are playing a fps you need buttons cuz you can probably press fire 3 times in the time it takes you to say BANG once or press the knife button faster than you can pretend to knife so in my opinoin is that the natal needs a controller or something. think think the ps Move will be a success for the people who use it.

DeadKold: sony's desperate attempt to be half of what nintendo is.

skizzarz: dude, you need to get some spanned wallpaper on that dualie set-up, DO IT! when I used to run duallies I had a shiiiiitload of 3840x1200 and 3360x1050s I wish I would have saved them but they had to go with an os reinstall, too many infected files and I'm more of a nazi than I may think.

TN BN: Can't beat Nintendo..copy the heck out of 'em :)
Sony PlayStation Move - 5 out of 5

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