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It Cosmetics Tightline Mascara Demo + Review   Mascara Mondays
It Cosmetics Tightline Mascara Demo + Review Mascara Mondays
NYX Skinny Mascara vs. IT Cosmetics Tightline! ♡ aLoveTart
NYX Skinny Mascara vs. IT Cosmetics Tightline! ♡ aLoveTart
IT Cosmetics Tightline Mascara vs NYX Skinny Mascara
IT Cosmetics Tightline Mascara vs NYX Skinny Mascara
Review & Demo ~ IT Cosmetics Tightline & Lipgloss
Review & Demo ~ IT Cosmetics Tightline & Lipgloss

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satojoko: My lashes also clump very easily, was never happy with the way they looked with mascara, until I tried this product nearly 2 years ago. I use the waterproof version over my favourite lash primer (Lancome). It truly does lengthen & fan my crapty lashes out like nothing else. I layer Marc Jacobs Mega mascara over this, then Anastasia's Lash Genius. My lashes never looked this good before discovering this tiny little booger of a mascara. The 'tightline' effect isn't so important to me. That being said, I can go without lining my eyes when in a rush by just using this product as it gives enough definition to my eyes because it gets so close to my lashline. It's also perfect for 'natural' makeup days when I want a less dramatic look to my eyes.

Love this mascara so much I buy them 2 at a time & save the brushes when I'm done as they're also great for using with products like Dip Brow. They get every little brow hair, making doing my brows much faster & easier. Great stuff!

Maria McLaughlin: I'm always late... I tried this one but for me the earth didn't shake. I'm still using falsies and cat eyes from maybelline I think. anyway, I just love you & your videos. xo

Rose A: I just purchased this mascara last week & it has been wonderful on my light brown lashes, it gives you the look like you have naturally long dark lashes. I don't do the tight line with it but I love how much it lengthens my lashes. I usually go do one coat all over then use UD perversion on the tips to really lengthen :) One of my all time favorites!

Cassandra Ross: Wayne I love your tips and demos. They are so applicable to everyday use and practical which I love.

Belinda Short: I love these smaller spoolies. My Estee Lauder black primer is one of my favorites because of that.

xiolian22: Why not just line the tight line with a gel eyeliner? My fave mascara rn is the Maybelline lash sensational... It fans out the lashes so well & curls them without having to use an eyelash curler & keeps them curled all day! It is AMAZING!!!

Rachel Random: Colossal lash is my ultimate favorite, lately I've been using Jordana lash extreme and essence lash princess. I also love big fatty from urban decay and the benefit falsies one but that only lasts for a few weeks. Love your videos! Your the only person I learn anything from.

Paija Hudson: nyx has a dupe called skinny mascara and is exactly the sane but cheaper.... my new holy grail

Sherry Merritt: I don't know if I could use a mascara with such a Tiny brush..lol.. i have used many mascara's, but my fav is  Rimmel London  Scandaleyes Lycra Flex.. love the brush..

cmcbride1216: I love this mascara. It really does tight line and lengthen. E

TheCOLORSofBEAUTYbyL: It looks like it works great! Thank you ! Xox

Jennifer Ellis: Well I've tried this, the waterproof one & it smudges, raccoon eyes, on my bottom lashes. But I have very long lashes & the tips brush my skin, so they will pick up oil & stuff throughout the day which can cause mascara to come off & collect aka raccoon eyes. My top mascaras that don't budge, Armani eyes to kill waterproof both original & wet, Cle de Peau perfect lash, Chanel inimitable waterproof & le volume waterproof, Maybelline lash discovery waterproof & most all Maybelline waterproof as well. (I only use waterproof) What did smudge on me, Lancomb Hypnose Drama waterproof, Definiclis waterproof, Ester Lauder sumptuous waterproof, MAC studio scuplt, Lorac cobra waterproof, Revlon bold lacquer waterproof (but it was very pretty) Loreal carbon black waterproof, Diorshow waterproof & many many others.

Sagittariusblu Smooches: I love this, I have very very tiny lashes and this will probably work for me. By the way, you have lovely lashes. Smooches.

CapeCodBelle: I tried this and it didn't work for me. Maybe I needed more practice. I was difficult to apply and messy. I'm glad you showed how to apply it. I may try it again:)

Yesenia Sanchez: Hi what do you think about the Yonique 3D Fiber lash mascara and can you do a demo and review video on it and tell us what your thoughts are on it.

Valarie Poore: Like your lashes in this video, mine fall after a single coat. What I end up having to do is put my mascara on first before I put on my eyeshadow because I have to constantly curl. Thus having clumpy lashes. I comb them out and it's a terrible, long process. Could you recommend a method for keeping lashes from falling?

Kristine Osborn: I have very small eyes so this looks like it would be very helpful when you don't have a lot of room to work with.

Ellie L: I have been using this mascara/primer for about a year. I have short lashes and the brush on this is made so you can get every tiny lash without a struggle. Sometimes I will use it alone but when I want more volume I use another mascara over this IT mascara. It has made a world of difference in how easily I can get the look that I have been trying to achieve. Love the stuff!

Glynis Rounds: You're just lovely and your voice is super lovely to listen to! LOVE your videos!

SangriainTO: I haven't tried it, but it looks like it will take a while to get the look. I wouldn't have the time to apply and reapply.

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