Animal Crossing New Leaf - GT Review

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IGN Reviews - Animal Crossing: New Leaf Video Review
IGN Reviews - Animal Crossing: New Leaf Video Review
Why New Leaf is the BEST Animal Crossing Game
Why New Leaf is the BEST Animal Crossing Game
Animal Crossing New Leaf - GT Review
Animal Crossing New Leaf - GT Review
Animal Crossing: New Leaf 2DS XL Review
Animal Crossing: New Leaf 2DS XL Review
Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Video Review (Part 1 - Nintendo 3DS)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Video Review (Part 1 - Nintendo 3DS)

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SHADOSTRYKR: I don't want a games schedule dictating when I can and cannot play, this doesn't sound like a game for me.

Spicypicklez: This game is aesthetically BEAUTIFUL for the 3ds. You forgot that.

Bryan Tremblay: Picked this up the other day for $8 and so far I'm loving it. The real-time clock affecting the game is wonderful and really entices you to come back daily for the time-specific occurrences in the game.

Johnjohncar: Sucks that I sold my 3DS last fall, now I really miss playing this game.

Quintin Espinosa: I found this review after discovering it on the 3DS shop for 19.99USD and am really curious about a game like this after playing Pokemon X, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Donkey Kong Country Returns. Does anyone still play this? I'm debating between downloading this or Luigi's Mansion.

tripd: what's so great about this game? someone convince me into buying it please

Shady 17: I just don't get what this game is and yet it's always in top 10 3ds game lists. Looks more boring than most iPhone farm games

Lindy Camacho: I HATE it when I get stung by bees in that game!!!!!

Lindy Camacho: That hog in the game called JOAN is my mom's name too!! :D

bate0: You need to pay all off that that's very stressful well it sounds like that

SpinoDino: Can you purchase a cowboy hat in the game?

Kayla Trego: My nintendo 3ds will not connect to the internet idk why. I looked it up and I see it is common but to fix it you have to change a lot of settings on your wifi. I plan on purchasing a pink nintendo 3dsXL so since that is slightly newer design will the wifi connection problem be fixed?

jessica walker: Just got a 3ds yesterday (I am aware how late I am, so don't judge). I just wanna save up for this game because I've been wanting it since I've heard about it.

Thomas .G: gets game oh I will play this time to time 500 hours of gameplay later i need help

TryingMyBestToAppearNormal: What happens to the game after 2039?

Ceasar Medrano: Just got the new 3ds with this game amazing! I'm addicted...I'm still living in a tent tho 😭

RideTheLightning: Flaws are animals asking for fruit when there's a damn fruit tree behind them. That was just a joke flaw btw. I like Animal Crossing New Leaf but absolutely hate Crazy Redd being in it as the only way to gain pictures that most of the time are counterfeits.

Discoh: Man, these reviewers are such pessimists.

Ivan Muchiutti: This or Omega Ruby? Considering i'm also getting Majoras Mask 3D and the only pokemon game I've played is X

Adam Yo Adam: So im gonna get this game when I get the new 3ds on Friday, does anyone have friend codes I can add so I can plau with some of you guys?
Animal Crossing New Leaf - GT Review 5 out of 5

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Animal Crossing New Leaf - GT Review