Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Ending Review

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*SPOILERS* Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Refuse Ending
*SPOILERS* Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Refuse Ending
New Refuse Ending - Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut - Gameplay
New Refuse Ending - Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut - Gameplay
BioWare discusses Mass Effect 3 endings. DLC. and Tali's face
BioWare discusses Mass Effect 3 endings. DLC. and Tali's face
Has Bioware fixed the Mass Effect 3 endings?
Has Bioware fixed the Mass Effect 3 endings?
Mass Effect 3 Officially Gets New Ending DLC
Mass Effect 3 Officially Gets New Ending DLC

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Joseph Gonzalez: Andromeda couldn't save mass effect

Pepsu: JAM mod ending is still better

Pepsu: There is also mod called MEHEM and it make destruction ending with geth EDI and shepard alive

Dracke Stalen Torgen: I just played it for the first time extended ending and all, its not enough. I feel i should have been able to tell him freak you and see all the war assets play put and try ein the war

Gabriel González: I want sappy happy freaking ending. I wan't Garrus to be in a beach with Shepard, Liara and their blue children.

Karma: i just want shepard to live,
and have a beer with garus.

I'm Batman: I destroy all synthetics every time, that way the galaxy has a chance to rebuild with each organic species free and intact and also now in a galaxy without reapers, progress will be slow maybe centuries before intergalactic flight is achieved again which is a pain this also comes at the cost of the questionably moral Geth. Lesser of three evils

Nima Mardi: I just finished mass effect 3 and ending was still crap(with dlc also) damn im pissed about it

Matthew Cooper: I always said the same thing you did. If you went around and scanned everything in every system, finished every single side mission, did EVERYTHING IN THE GAME, then you should have been able to just beat them. I mean you find ways ti beat the Reapers in the game, and the star child's bullcrap excuse is we're vastly outnumbered. Well freak you kid.

xMtF54x: Still holding the line from the ea tyranny bitches.

Mohammed Mustafa: I still don't like the ending even with the extended cut, for a game that makes you care so much about your characters I rly wished they would all be in the fight and have great scenes and that you could have some closure with them. And that the war assets rly didn't do crap for you. Also how there rly isn't a good ending where you live and be with your friends when it's all over, but at least they did their best with the extended cut so great job I guess

Jack Mellor: catch up and review ME: Andromeda already. Your are a fan of this series right?

djbare9: The free DLC ending didn't work for me, felt more like an under handed middle finger salute, fortunately a mod gave me at least one ending I was looking for, and the quality of that mod was way above Bioware's ending, that mod was the only reason I played ME3 more than once.

BS: It's impossible to beat the reapers !

Gallant Sector: Here in 2017 just finished Mass Effect 3 and I did it without the DLC first. Glad I experienced what I heard so many people upset about when the game first released. The extended ending is a much better improvement. Have to love Bioware for actually wanting to do it better even if it isn't believe to be the best they could have done. Great game series. Great

judostar11: Downloaded the Good Ending Mod as my canon ending. Doesn't change much aside from the crew picking up Shepard from the rubble and he/she being alive in the ending plaque scene but it made the game that much better for me because I wanted Shepard to live and be in the plaque scene for my closure.

ryaan Asady: i was a late comer to the mass effect franchise. as such i was able to play all three games with the dlcs and and when i got my ending. honestly i was content, i was satisfied, this was the way the series was heading too back in mass effect 1 and i am happy. what i cant stand is that even after the extended cut there is still a mass horde of adolescent whiners moaning, crying and bitching how the series is ruined and the games are the plague now. all i have to say is: "did you even play the whole trilogy". mass effect is a game about choice, how you would react to a situation, make a decision and live with that decision since mass effect 1. your not making your own story, your role playing as a commander in a story made by bioware, not creating one out of scratch. for example at the end of mass effect 1 you have to fight saren, you can choose how to go about it and decide if you want to save the council or not but you still have to fight him, in mass effect 2 you have to attack the collectors and stop them. you can choose if you want to purge the base or destroy it but you still have to attack them and finally in mass effect 3 you have to defeat the reapers. you can choose how to defeat them either by destroying them, controlling them or evolving all known life to a new plane of being but you still have to defeat them. mass effect was always like watching a movie, your not entitled to anything, your just there for the ride, for the story that bioware created and im sorry if you dont like but then i would recommend you take your negativity somewhere else. the world is already filled with enough hate as it is.

Legion: Ending is still bad ( modded the ending to what I wanted ) but at least bioware tried to fix what we thought was wrong and helped to make the ending less crappy you have to give em points for that at least it's defiantly more then what other companies would have done probably.

But despite all that it's still one of the best trilogies ever made for gaming and I still play all the games.

Angel tonny: What the ending and the new ending lack is TRUE closure. After investing 100's of hours into this game, making choices and really investing emotion into these characters you've fought side by side with against all odds and all we get is a couple of slide shows, that don't even explain what happened to any of the characters. The only character we have closure on is Joker... Another thing that was missing from the ending is the lack of choice and control you have over it. Shepard dies no matter what and all the endings have at least a couple moral flaws with them (example: Destroy you end up killing the Geth and ED, and synthesis where everyone is essentially a husk and the reason we stopped Saren in the first game)

Every ending is essentially bad or bittersweet. And it really annoys me that you don't even have the choice to have a full on 'good' ending. Why can't my Shepard settle down somewhere with his love interest? Why can't my Shepard chill on a sunny beach somewhere with Garrus and live off the royalties from the vids?

It's just so disappointing! And the fact that the fans can come up with better endings on their own with less time (Like the indoctrination theory or the unity ending) is truly laughable considering they had a team of eight writers working on the story which is more than most RPG games. I just don't understand where the creativity went...

Edit: Also I didn't know this until a few minutes ago but Shepard is confirmed alive at the end of the destroy option and if your EMS is high enough instead of your love interest putting Shepard's name on the wall they refuse to put it on. Here's the article

I just don't understand the point in that scene if we get no closure after the fact and technically makes the destroy ending the best ending so what's the point in the other two?

This is not a smurf account.: First time I finished the game was this ending and I still hate it. With a passion. Honestly it's been years. I haven't gotten over the fact that my favorite video game franchise had such a poorly written ending. In fact the very first time I got to the end I shot the star child with no idea the game would end and it literally just ended. I still have utter shock that after YEARS of playing my ending was literally game over. You lost. The cycle continues. I don't even get to go out fighting tooth and nail with all my companions to the bitter end for our right to exist nope just end. You loose and everything you did didn't matter at all. Everyone you ever met dies off screen and whoopty freaking do random people I have no emotional connection to were able to succeed thousands of years later. That is not a satisfying conclusion to a trilogy and 100s of hours of gameplay and relationships established. No matter what way you cut it this is the most abysmal end to one of the greatest sci fi franchises ever made.
Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Ending review 5 out of 5

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Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Ending review