Full Review: Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset - Better Than Vive, Rift And PSVR?

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heyieiRO: can i play it with windows 7?

psovegeta: The controller design I think Is what might turn me away. I have an Oculus rift and the touch controllers are accurate and solid in design. But i also purchased the Nolo VR controllers which emulate the Vive controller setup and I found it to be a little wonky to use as the track pad isn't as accurate as the thumb stick on the Oculus touch controllers. And while I do see thumb sticks on these ones, I don't see the AB/XY buttons on tthem.

Thymester: Thanks to you Sebastian for releasing these videos and making a beautiful rosy gravel trail that lead me to Amazon to purchase the Lenovo Explorer!! It just arrived today and I must say it is one lovely HMD.

I have had the PSVR since release and thought that was good.. I was sincerely mistaken the Lenovo Explorer is worlds ahead of the PSVR in every aspect you can think of. However to be fair the PSVR is a lovely HMD for what it is! You cant get anything better to go with the PS4 than the PSVR! Even the PS4 Pro is not really that great of a gift compared to the PSVR.

Again though thanks for all these WMR vids that lead me to the best purchase of my life!!

Ben Gregoire: just like Robocop 👌

Tomto!: price has dropped to 200 from amazon right now

Jesus Caro: thats not Mixed Reality, tha is VR. wtf with the name?

Ti: The clip that secures the 2 wires on the right side completely broke off after 3 days of beat saber. I recommend using some twist wires(ones that comes with most electronics do just fine) to help secure the 2 wires in addition to the original clip. The 2 wires on my headset is now secured further back on the headset, which turned out better. I can lift the visor now without the wires getting caught in the clip and make the visor impossible to lift before loosening the wires. I think an included velcro strep would've been a better design choice than a weak plastic clip.

XeraBlogs: #fafafa

Delvoin: can you play all the games that the oculus can play?

triforcekid 000: so like this i can still play games like super hot right?

MGTOW Forever: yes but will it play Crysis? FarCry? Need For Speed? Unreal Tournament? regular Windows games? can you please make a video showing this.

Sc0 rch: Is the hp mixed reality the same and leveno mixed reality

Lil Tunechi JR: The HDMI cable goes where?


HDMI out

Louis Angel Suarez: what… HZ, RESPONDE TIME, FPS…?
the image that produces does not seem VERY FLUID

bassam sassine: What cpu and video card you recommend to run this lenavo explorer?

Decapper: Bought this on your review, and it’s crap. Contrast colours are crap. Have to setup room setup every time I turn it on. The comfort is terrible, sits on my nose to get the focus right. If this unit was any heavier it would be a nightmare. But I just can’t get over how grey the blacks are .

Harrison: I got this and apparently my PD is not compatible with it. Didn't realize until I purchased it but my PD seems to be in the high 60s, probably around 68 or 70. Also if anyone purchases this KEEP IN MIND. It is HDMI 2.0 ONLY, if you're like me and have a 390 or similar card it does NOT support HDMI 2.0. ALSO you will need a bluetooth adapter for the controllers.

Meth Methanoid: Hey how wide can your glasses frames be and fit inside a Lenovo Explorer???

ABDULRAHMAN IBRAHIM: Can it work on PS4 ? and which HMD can actually work on PS4 ( other that PSVR of course ) ?

Couch Potato: What is with the massive black circular border when using this headset in vr. It looks like i am looking through a port hole. I also have psvr and it doesnt have such a distracting border when in vr. Its like a comfort setting is always switched on and in no way is it 100 degree fov let alone 105 or 110. It looks like 90 degrees with this round border in place...it looks rendered so wondering if there is a windows setting that is putting it there?
Full Review: Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset - Better than Vive, Rift and PSVR? 5 out of 5

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Full Review: Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset - Better than Vive, Rift and PSVR?