Full Review: Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset - Better Than Vive, Rift And PSVR?

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Louis Angel Suarez: what… HZ, RESPONDE TIME, FPS…?
the image that produces does not seem VERY FLUID

bassam sassine: What cpu and video card you recommend to run this lenavo explorer?

Decapper: Bought this on your review, and it’s crap. Contrast colours are crap. Have to setup room setup every time I turn it on. The comfort is terrible, sits on my nose to get the focus right. If this unit was any heavier it would be a nightmare. But I just can’t get over how grey the blacks are .

Harrison: I got this and apparently my PD is not compatible with it. Didn't realize until I purchased it but my PD seems to be in the high 60s, probably around 68 or 70. Also if anyone purchases this KEEP IN MIND. It is HDMI 2.0 ONLY, if you're like me and have a 390 or similar card it does NOT support HDMI 2.0. ALSO you will need a bluetooth adapter for the controllers.

Meth Methanoid: Hey how wide can your glasses frames be and fit inside a Lenovo Explorer???

ABDULRAHMAN IBRAHIM: Can it work on PS4 ? and which HMD can actually work on PS4 ( other that PSVR of course ) ?

Couch Potato: What is with the massive black circular border when using this headset in vr. It looks like i am looking through a port hole. I also have psvr and it doesnt have such a distracting border when in vr. Its like a comfort setting is always switched on and in no way is it 100 degree fov let alone 105 or 110. It looks like 90 degrees with this round border in place...it looks rendered so wondering if there is a windows setting that is putting it there?

indigoal3n: so many people complain about light leakage!!!!!!!!!

indigoal3n: "your VR career" BAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg man, wtf are you talking about!!?!??!?

indigoal3n: Maybe I'm skipping around too much and I'm sorry if I've missed it - but if you really don't mention the horrific experience with bluetooth connections and the adapter you MUST buy separately in order to get controllers to work, it isn't FAIR at all and you're cheating us all.

איתמר ערב: I know I asked this on another video but if I have an IPD of around 58 (a bit more) measured using the tool you recommended should I be ok? My precise IPD is 58.50

WhoTNT: I don't know if I just didn't get the headset positioned right on my head but I totally disagree that the visuals on this headset is better than the Vive. I did notice it was maybe slightly sharper but the other issues I noticed made the increased sharpness not worth it. My IPD is 65 and I found the sweet spot to be incredibly small so positioning the headset to see clearly was a real pain. Also the chromatic aberration(blue and yellow lines on edges) was very visible when not looking directly forward and the image was less saturated, less bright and the blacks seemed more washed out. The worst part was when I moved my head around I saw warping and distortion of the objects starting at about 60% from the center of the lens which made me feel slight motion sickness and I never get motion sickness in VR. I also found it hard to get the headset to fit right. I tried shifting the position of the back part up and down to get it to fit right but the headset never seem to sit stable on my face like with the Vive. When looking down it also seem to shift slightly because of the hinged system. The combination of a small sweet spot and instability of the fit made it difficult to get consistent good visuals.
The foam around the nose was also pretty terrible at least for me with a relatively big nose since the foam sitting on my nose made it slightly more difficult to breathe. I'm guessing I probably did not figure out how to wear the headset properly since I only got to try it once by my friend.
I also noticed slight tracking issues with the controllers while playing Rec Room in a relatively dark room. While holding both my hands directly in front of me I noticed that the VR hands would shake slightly and not just once in a while but pretty consistently. It wasn't really bad but definitely enough to notice it.
When I got back home and tried the Vive I knew I just wasn't imagining the issues with the Lenovo headset since the Vive was so much more comfortable and easier to get the positioning right. For someone that hates the fresnel lens in the Vive, I actually preferred the Vive's lens to the chromatic abberation and warping of the image at the edges of the Lenovo lens.

Douglas Sousa: feels laggy AF

Snoop Man: Psvr rip off

Critical Arts: You know how to solve the issues with fog in the Lenovo Explorer? It seems is a common problem duePD adjustment by software.

Gus Gone: It is being assessed for off the shelf use by various military groups.

Jake Gonder: sponsored

Amateur Tech: I have a laptop with a 960m, is it still worth buying?

Anti Core: What is the lens size?

RebootDat1: Ok, so I purchased the Lenovo and want to know if its possible to use Steam only? or must I load both apps? I can't seem to use the second button on Steam for the main dashboard menu as it loads the microsoft garbage up. I wish we had a choice on this one!
Full Review: Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset - Better than Vive, Rift and PSVR? 5 out of 5

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Full Review: Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset - Better than Vive, Rift and PSVR?