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Hernan Barbero: i run ir over without being even touch sometimes i got 8 hearts remaining i was 11 years old i kick asses in sunset riders people joined to look up for my playing skills good night folks stay heavy
Dampersquid 22: when I was younger this was my favorite i bought him instead of leader starscream I lost him
mohamd touli: ok😊😍😘😗😙
Lars van Klaveren: hey tactical potato! i wanted to create a account cuz i want to play the game but the website where you are supposed to create the account is empty... how do i register? xD any1 else have the same problem?
galleon30000: nice
Kardos Jr.Th: พี่บ้าเปล่า
Snap Nation: How many CD/s do u have that came with the msi motherboard? Cuz i have two and i dont know which one huhu help

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