Mike Chang's Cousin Frank Yang From Sexypackshortcut - INSANE LEG WORKOUT

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Socrates Nietzsche: I'm high. This is freaking hilerius.

Joey Sung: 3:38 with frank you know for sure those tears are real
side note, wish I had a girl I could cry into during my squats

Travis Johnston: Frank Yang is the original planet fitness troll lmao

Carthago Delenda Est: touch and go is a lie straight from the pit of hell

Yu Lung Yip: lol he exclams in Chinese

James Brown: 2:17 that dance killed me

Reddzl Tuano: Lmfao that crap was actually entertaining

Anonymous: freaking love this psychopathic genius

Basri Bocek: I don't wanna lift weights :'(

bultpoep123: this crap is golden

Jasper Falsario: man that nigga cant work out man because you make him laugh

MrSomeoneeElse: The HodgeTwins part killed me xD

Nhan Nguyen: This is hilarious

for Theboys: Papa frank yangu

Average Terry: lol, you are the weirdest and most awesome bodybuilders that I've ever seen!

Vegthetics: haha i love frank man, his overactive mind reminds me of me

Rod Lamy: ahauhuahuah!

I am Anonymous: CHill out morons who are taking him seriously he's sp00fing mike CHANG

aznscyth: I suggest u cut down on that "white" stuff !

Deliverant: So u you're telling me that u can't achieve a "decent" body at home with weight-body exercises? ok man
Mike Chang's cousin Frank Yang from Sexypackshortcut - INSANE LEG WORKOUT 5 out of 5

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Yanisosaurus 666: Fegelein : CATS ARE CANCEROUS !!!!!
mehonesty: Please do a comparison of the Shasha Buttercup and Ben Nye Banana powders...included prices and availability, too, please! Thank you!
X-Raym: Perfect explanation to what fountain is for non techie persons. Well done !
Khalid Oladunjoye: MIA means MAKING IT AWESOME!
Robert Billing: Hahaha
Norman Abdullah: Love them Cowboy Rub👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Nick Hunter: That was a beautiful spin - Like synchronised crashing.

Mike Chang's cousin Frank Yang from Sexypackshortcut - INSANE LEG WORKOUT