Nays Postie Bike Training Part 2

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Nays Postie Bike Training Part 2
Nays Postie Bike Training Part 2
Nays Postie Bike Part 2
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Postie Bike - Preparing for Paint

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Butch Jones: Nay, keep the shinny side up and enjoy the ride!  Good Job!

Biker Bits: Woops another one I didn't put here!
Hey guy's, here's a little video of Nay getting a little bit more training on the Postie Bike at the BBS Proving Grounds smile emoticon Hope you enjoy! Cheers... Mark

Planning Plant Nerd: Good on her :) My partner and I recently got ourselves a postie bike each, and intend to do them up to travel too! He's had experience riding but I haven't firsthand, so I look forwards to hooting around on my postie bike before going for my bike L's next month :)

ArchimedeanEye: BBA proving grounds, lol... Everyone needs their own!

Gary Anderson: I enjoy your videos so much! I started riding at the young age of 60 ..Now 63 and learned a lot from you! Ride safe and take it ease!

lonestarrider: Great Vid Mark And Nay!

Paul49myspace: Nay we all have our moments. Check out my slow fall. Riding the DRZ400 at what appears and was slow motion.
Cheers! Keep the sunny side up.

Jeroen Brink: An other great vid mark, and good work from Nay to,
Just tel her to stop looking right in front of her wheel en start looking further up ahead it Will make a big diffrence.
Keep it up !!

CaptainCranky: Nice one, I feel for Nay - I'm always posting vids with Wifey riding in them and she's a good sport for letting me show some of the stuff, lol - Nay's obviously a good sport too - ride safe you guys.

David & Elizabeth: Way to get back on that horse, Nay!  Looking good.  Thanks for sharing!!!

Peter Andrews: Ain't postie bikes great thought you were going to bail at the top of that little rise showing just how Nay binned it 😀

brians48now: Those little bikes certainly are capable machines.  Learning new skills like that is always a bit frustrating but it's nice you guys had some good roads thrown in so she could relax and enjoy it for a bit.  Great job to the both of you and what a great camping rig you guys have made.  Really good job.

Sum4Seb: Best way to get better is to keep practicing within your comfort level :) Doing a great job Nay, great support Mark! You two have beautiful terrain and weather to ride in, we have over 2 feet of snow on the ground... it's depressing :(  We love watching your videos, helps us keep warm haha T4S

oldBRATTrider: Great way to spend a day...  Try to keep the scratches on the new paint to a minimum... Have fun... Looking forward to the next...

Bikes & Drones: Great sport Nay. Way to find the limits;>)

Gummy Bear: hop back on give it time 
Nays Postie Bike Training Part 2 5 out of 5

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Alison Shaffer: The 25th was my birthday too!!! Twenty-six years young :)
Dead Pool: Love it😐😓
Юдия Казанцева: Посмотреть стоит .
Nani Mishel: I always watch this vid wen I was 8 year old n now im 11!!idk it was gonna be here still!!!
Allkindsofgains: phantom 3 looks significantly better imo
Cidera Dukuray: I love the craft ideas
Jonathan Domenech: The iPod Hi-Fi actually sounded amazing, but the price was just too high.  More expensive than some iPods that were available at the time.

Nays Postie Bike Training Part 2