Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review!
Galaxy S6 Review: The Next Big Thing is finally worth the hype
Galaxy S6 Review: The Next Big Thing is finally worth the hype
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

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Desire Francois: Does it come with instagram

TJun Gan: if I select the amoled display will the battery drains more faster than I select the basic mode

TJun Gan: how to activate s voice by using my own voice

Jaime Germanotta: why do u look like you're advertising a dildo

Eben Barnard: whats the battery like on them?

Shaved Cat: are Samsung good phones? for some reason I don't like them

Gareth Jones: Im gonna do a shot of vodka everytime he says Premium

Jinsoul? No, it's Jinslay.: And now I'm stuked on choosing between S6 and J7.

Morgan Reed: great review, really bummed out that there is no micro-SD Slots.That is a must have for video and photo enthusiast. I have no clue Why Samsung would not offer that plus a removable battery for those that have multi battery for emergency reasons. the S7 seems good but it really LACKS in the Camera and Video department. but I will wait for others to notice that for themself's

Mrjonrc88: Samsung finally made a nice premium device,.how they got away with charging so much for the plastic toys they used to make (S3,S4 etc) I'll never know!!

stevan matijevic: I'm please tell me how much better s6 compared to Samsung Galaxy s3 battery?

Dayna Holgate: How can people like Samsung I'm a Apple user

Ramon Velazquez: Just got galaxy s6 turned on for tmobile do I have to wait 24 hours for it to activate

Aravind Dasika: hey John, how is the phone on today's day with almost 1 year from the release date did the phone slow down as the other galaxy devices usually do?

sl7293: I am puzzled as to why so many reviewers emphasize such qualities as case materials, design, and "premium look and feel" in their reviews. In the real world qualities such as those are irrelevant because people use COVERS. This is especially true for users of phones that have metal frames. Those phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S6, are more fragile and more prone to breakage than their plastic counterparts like the Samsung Galaxy S5. That increases the need for a cover.

Since the physical "look and feel" of a phone is largely invisible to those who use a cover, the only real advantage of the unibody metal phones would be for those who like to carry heavier phones or want it to be impossible to replace the battery or add memory.

Evan Kaw: I have s6, I love to throw it just so I can feel better about myself for buying a useless piece of junk. I HATE IT!

steven julius: good up;oad was looking for a vid like this got all the info i want befor i go buy my new phone thanks for the vid you got a new subscriber :D

Rodolfo Provetti: What game is it?

kip drordy: Anyone else laughed at 0:10 OMFG Hahahaha

Hurley Chee: is there anybody face problem that s6 screen freezes (when the wifi drop and reconnect itself,during that period of time)..tell me how to solve it, i been back to samsung offici service center quite times.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review 5 out of 5

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Desire Francois: Does it come with instagram
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review