Sacroiliac Joint Pain Relief - Step 2

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Bethie Tucker: I woke up in tears today from the SI joint pain. It's so bad that I can't sleep. It travels down to my right foot. I feel like my foot is on fire and any wrong move I get horrific cramping in my foot. I can't believe the relief I got just from the first video alone! I feel like it's a miracle! I didn't have much change from the second video though. I still have to watch and try the 3rd video. I just got so excited from the 1st I had to write! OMG, Thank You!!!!

Sheena: Thanks so much for the help! I've been getting decompression for mild disc herniation and have since developed serious si joint pain as a result. I think the decompression, though good for my spine, aggravated my psoas and/or iliac muscles and hips, which caused my si joint to REALLY hurt with various movements. The pain is very specific and at times excruciating, and won't go away. I'm finding these videos very helpful, and hope to get rid of the si pain once and for all! I've asked to be taken off the decompression for awhile, to see if this si joint pain will diminish. Thanks, Gary, for sharing these awesome videos. You are wonderful.

Denise McCallum: Thank you for the great explanations and tips! I got relief

Vicki Cresp: Thank you Gary.  I have suffered for over 4 years with excruciating hip and lower back pain which included numbness and a burning sensation from my hip down through my thigh and groin area and lower back.  I put it down to breaking my hip when I was 17 then going through keyhole surgery 4 years ago.
This is the first time I have felt relief.  I found step one and two worked very quickly for me.  I haven't tried step 3 but will do when I get hold of some tennis balls.
Thanks again as after a few minutes of these techniques I have finally found relief.  I will be doing these exercises regularly. THANK YOU!!!

Gabriella Silva: You have no idea how much better i feel! Thank you!

William Hadgikosti:  It really help Thanks

Paula Adams: Hi Gary, I have been told by a chiropractor that this just takes time to fix. I am almost in tears when I have to drive my car. I asked if massage would help, he said it would only be a temporary fix. How often will I need to do these moves and do you think a professional massage would help? Background info, age 49, female, 6 pregnancies.  My hip was dislocated before. I am a marathon runner.

QueenAmy: Thanks Gary!  I can't believe how much relief I felt with this technique.  I never would have thought to massage the iliacus and psoas to relieve SI joint pain from the FRONT of my body.  After less than a minute I could feel a difference, and I have suffered severely from low back, SI joint, butt and hip pain for a long while.  THANKS!

Redhead Moxie: I think your videos are very thorough and well presented.  I think it would have been helpful if you had been dressed so as to show us the specific areas of intent.  Trying to figure out those areas through your clothes can be difficult for those not completely knowledgeable of anatomy.  Thx.

Arkasha Vladimirovna: I don´t know why these treatments doesn´t work for me :(( I feel SI joint pain for many months, doctors didn´t help me. I am hopeless :( But thank you for these videos for other people. Have a nice day Gary! 

rockydurga: Hi Gary
I followed the link here from a web page to look at these videos.  Wanted to let you know that Video 1 on that page opens the second video.  So I came here to get all the steps in order. I am going to give this a try as it is a Sunday and My S-L started acting about a day ago.  I can't take a deep breath right now without intense sharp pain in my lower right back.  I've had issues with this joint for years but I usually can months or years with out pain.  I hope this works as I'd love to be able take of this myself when needed.  

Hoverbot1TV: Why does bending my knee to chest release the pain in lower leg and thigh from my siatic nerve? that helps but tailbone is super sensitive. Fell on my butt no fractures but it was a polished concrete floor. Did not hurt for 3 weeks then wham nerve pain right down left leg. Nerve bock shot worked only 1 month.

aaron maxim: im wondering gary if yoga helps my pain as well as your exercises or can it make it worse. Im 34 and played hockey 3-4 x a week up til last year and developed crohns disease....and then recently sacroiliitis too. Just trying to find some relief. I always wonder if i this pain was hidden because i was so active?? Then me stopping did it really make it develop. Thanks gary

Rebecca Senczyszyn: Praying these help! I have been dying since April and after spending tons of $$ on my chiropractor and DO I found this and a couple of other good stretches on line. Thanks for posting these! 

BlueBird01: I'll never forget the SI joint pain that appeared overnight in my 2nd trimester? in my 1st preg. I tried to stand up & couldn't. I had many chirop. treatments for the condition & had to stop working as a nurse asst. on a surgical orthopedic wing at a hosp. due to no longer being able to lift patients. 5 yrs. later, at 34, kids were 5 mos., 3, & 5, I was dx w/ stage3c colon ca. In remission 6 yrs. now!

MrRobert2040: Wow I cannot believe I did not see this earlier. for the last 10 years I have sacroiliac joint pain that has come and gone. I have always visited either a chiropractor or osteopath to put it back into place. I had a long airline flight and woke up the next morning with the joint out of place and in pain. As I was on holiday in a foreign country I could not visit my normal practitioner. I found this video on the internet and did Gary's exercises and the pain has gone. Gary is a true hero.

toh162: Gary I had SI pain for 10 months, the worst part was that I could not sleep comfortably . I tried a lot of exercises. I came across your series and I found the combination of your 3 steps has relieved me of all pain. It is hard to believe it has gone and I am pain free so thank you very much , I am very grateful . Therese

user19858585: i have been in pain since last night just started to google how to relief it. omg thank GOD i found this. got instant relief to the pain. thank you

Adeline Buscemi: At learn do-it-yourself sacroiliac joint pain relief treatments that can be done by anyone. Free yourself from pain in 3 Simple Steps that you can do yourself, all for FREE. Also for "sacroilliac joint pain" (sp).ZWELL is a natural health company committed to Canadians,........ --tinyurl(.)com(/)bfyp3aa

Sanchia Marshall: Hi Gary, working through releasing those other muscles contributing to the sacroiliac joint. Just wondering what you recommend with pregnancy for releasing these two? The Iliac I can get to ok at only early pregnancy but don't really feel comfortable doing the other one. Also later in pregnancy I imagine these two would get difficult. Thanks.
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Sacroiliac Joint Pain Relief - Step 2