All About Eyebrow Threading! FAQ + Tips.

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all about eyebrow threading! ☠ FAQ + tips.
all about eyebrow threading! ☠ FAQ + tips.
I Got My Eyebrows Threaded (First Time) FionaFrills Vlogs
I Got My Eyebrows Threaded (First Time) FionaFrills Vlogs
All About Eyebrow Threading   Demo and FAQs
All About Eyebrow Threading Demo and FAQs
First Time Eyebrow Threading: Vlog & Experience
First Time Eyebrow Threading: Vlog & Experience
Eyebrow threading review
Eyebrow threading review

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amy: Under 5 minutes? It takes 10-15 minutes where I get it done!

Caseylouu: Out of 10 how much does eyebrow threading hurt?

HatfulOfH0LL0W: I've tried 3 different places and all 3 of them cut up my skin :( It's pretty popular in my area so I don't understand why it happens??? I just stick to waxing/plucking.

waplogue1: ok,i didn't mean to be unfriendly or something to you, i just hope it helped to say my opinion *hugs* :)

waplogue1: why do comments keeep disappearing :( youtube sucks

waplogue1: honestly i liked it more with the old lens because i loved your background. maybe if you change your background and don't make it look thaaaat blurry behind, it would look more cute i think. my opinion :) hugs

selenalove1971: good video Bri!! I only thread my eyebrows! I love it!!

Brandi BeLieu: I love getting my brows threaded. Unfortunately the closest place is 3 hours away.

jenih1108: Love the new look.

AmandaLeahCrisp: I definitely want to try threading. After seeing your video & the one that you linked below I'm so curious about it!

Shobbena Srikanthan: Saw your instagram pic of brushes :) caaaan't wait for them to come outt!

TheJennyjenz: Bri, I've gotten my eyebrows threaded for the past 15 years & this video was 100% accurate. Excellent job, everyone needs to watch & heed this advice if they want to thread. So worth it! Waxing my eyebrows always hurts me, I'm so red & I get bumps. Threading is the best method!!

HatfulOfH0LL0W: The times that I've had my eyebrows threaded they put little cuts on my skin that hurt for days!

aliibambam: I thread too!! I love it! Thanks for the video :)

Bekah Roma: They look really good!

S. H: Your eyebrows look really good

kattack555: I love threading! The place I go to in fox hills mall has a monthly plan :)

paola jazbeth: I think I might go get my eyebrows threaded today, now that I've seen this lol

gaslightanthemfan: I prefer threading over waxing, my eyebrows have never looked better.
all about eyebrow threading! ☠ FAQ + tips. 5 out of 5

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all about eyebrow threading! ☠ FAQ + tips.