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drev1: what should the settings be whit a stage 6?
Tresjolie J: girl why are you always tired???
TriggerHappyMerc: LOL I love this game.
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ü Welcome with Traditional Tilak with Masala Tea.
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ü Daily Meditation Free for 01 Hours (Morning)
ü Surya Namaskar
ü Sunset Meditation
ü Various Asanas
ü Breathing Techniques
ü Basic of Vedas
ü Yoga Krias
ü Stress Relief
ü Maintain Wellness
ü Imrove Flexibility
ü Imrove Strength
ü Joint Movements
ü Neck Rotation
ü Shoulder Rotation
ü Wrist movement
ü Ankel Rotation
ü Knee bending
ü Kapalbhati
ü Bhramri
ü Anulom- Vilom
ü Half Butterfly
ü Full Butterfly
ü Mental Calm Improvment
ü Gita Sar
ü Basic Kriyas
ü Basic Yoga Mudra
ü Basic Mantra
ü Basic brief Of Yoga
ü Special Yogic Breakfast ( Groups)
ü Live Satsang ( Group)
ü Free use of Recreational facilities such as Swimming Pool, Carom, Badminton
ü Accommodation for a Couple (Partial River Ganga Facing)
ü Tea & Coffee maker in Room
ü Dental Kit
ü Hair Comb
ü Shaving Kit
ü Herbal Soap
ü Nature Walk to Village
ü Trek to River Ganges
ü Boarding (Breakfast & Taxes) and Lodging.
ü Local Sight Seeing (Once during a stay by Walk)
An Ideal Place For Yoga Retreat with Natural Surroundings.

idoteyestoo: Classic Sunderland/Marlowe...starting about 25:45
then at 26:03 "What if you got a buzz cut?" lol

Serph Varna: gameplay starts 2 last mins, thank me later
Carol Akers: Great story.

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