Christopher Hitchens Confused By Obama's Iran Policy

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Christopher Hitchens Confused by Obama's Iran Policy
Christopher Hitchens Confused by Obama's Iran Policy
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Hitchens on Obama's Israel Policy: 'Not Impressive'
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Sean Maher: Pretty disingenuous stuff. You don't have to like the Iranian regime to know it is severely threatened by the west and sees a nuke as vital. They know that the west is responsible for millions of Iranian deaths in the last century - due three invasions and a coup - and thanks to hawks like Hitchens and the dense surrounding network of US bases, another invasion could easily happen. He pins all the blame on those nasty Ayatollahs, happily ignoring history for once in order to ingratiate himself with Washington's worst.

Mein Sohn: CH mentions bombing in Argentina of in1994, Hunter Report (supressed) concluded bomb inside building , not outside implying bombing was a false flag by Israel.

Operation Agatha: Iranian assassination in Buenos Aires?

Is he freaking kidding me? That was Israeli Mossad!

freaking Hitchens, he used to write books calling out Neo-Cons like Henry Kissinger but then later Hitch became a Zionist Neo-Con ass licker himself!

Very sad that he fell from grace like that before he died!

freak Israel!


Murmad Man: He's Jewish...end of story. When it comes to the Muslims all those Liberal Jews who want open borders for Muslims in the West want closed borders for them in Israel. freak THEM

Johnny Skinwalker: This moron would probably loved if the US would invade Iran. 

shibby dibby: An American and British invasion of Afghanistan on their Iran's East, an American and British invasion of Iraq on their West,.  ISIS rampaging through the middle east, supported by western governments, Israel committing war crimes that go ignored, and western support of deadly uprisings across the Arab world of stable governments.

Yes, Iran the new "axis of evil."  The big bad muslims are coming to get us.  Iran is EVIL.

InSingularity: He's better on politics than religion.

scottclaudet: still relevant in 2014

DrCruel: Tough being a Ba'athist. Maybe you should step down Mr. Assad.

DrCruel: And yet, here we are. You selling you anti-Semitic horsecrap and me not buying it.

DrCruel: Objecting to some of Israel's policies doesn't make you an anti-Semite. Nuzzling up to Hezbollah does. So also trying to gloss over or justify Iran's policy towards Israel, or so many of the statements made by their senior leaders in regards the "Jewish question". You're trying to peddle your own agenda in here while claiming otherwise. I'm telling you that I'm not interested.

DrCruel: More appropriate to say a bunch of cunts run the place. But yes, I get your general point.

DrCruel: That "Death to America" annual holiday might have something to do with it. Mind, we also don't fancy the sort of people who think shooting women in the head who don't vote for your faction as "being Number One in Democracy". Or have you forgotten Neda Agha-Soltan so soon?

DrCruel: We did not give Israel nukes. We should have, but we did nothing of the kind. In fact, it was Jewish scientists that gave the nuclear bomb to America. That alone should give you pause for thought when engaging in obnoxious anti-Semitic policies and hatred.

DrCruel: It is this sort of sterling commentary and clarity of insight that has made the pro-Bashar Left fascists so endearing.

rayray66: so we're bad and they're bad. what's your point? do you have anything to add other than your pretentious moral bullcrap? let's let them have a nuke and bring about the apocalypse because we don't want to look like hypocrites. fantastic reasoning megamarsvin

meanzeen: Iran isn't in the family because they're a bunch of cunts.

Bel Rick: How hard would it of been for those about to press the plunger spreading the word among the fire fighters that the building was going to come down due to aliens are whatever the official line was. Where is your evidence on the official version of how the towers came down? Oh thats right, you have none because it was carted off and melted down. Read the official report, in between the lines they clearly state, they don't know what bought the towers down, here is our best guess/consipracy theory

Bel Rick: Really? How many nations has Afghanistan done this to, to deserve the constant abuse Islamic nations deal to it? What about East timor? Did they deserve the slaughtering imposed upon them by Islam? What about the people of Nigeria? Sudan? Somalia? All nations where islam carries out among those people mass slaughter et al. I think the issue is with your fuked world view while no doubt living safely tucked away protected from islam unlike all the other poor bastards

Jared Pena: you left us when we needed you most. your words will live on through us and your actions by us. if there was a hell you would man handling its leader, while slowly forcing it into submission until the underworld is what it damn well should have been .. we love you - mankind
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Christopher Hitchens Confused by Obama's Iran Policy