IClone 6 - What Is It?

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Gorguruga: Great video!

Phyzical Visual Arts Company: Thank you! That was VERY helpful...
I have upcoming short films and was going to use storyboards only, but realized I'll need previz of some sort. This video helped me decide to add iClone 6 to my workflow...

Curio Fawkstrawt: This video was exactly what I needed it to be.

Bm Md: I was looking at the iClone website and don't see what comes with iClone 6. Is there more characters other than one male and one female? Are there any props, like trees, rocks, tables etc. Or is it just the program and everything else has to be purchased later?

I want to make children videos on youtube e.g. the wheels on the bus song etc, WHAT SOFTWARE DO YOU RECOMMEND? Easy to use is important to me as I am new to this. I would really appreciate a reply please!

Krossroad Entertainment: New to this and in a hurry to learn

Ibis Fernandez: Hi Warlord. Love your work, thank you for taking the time to put these videos together, I've learned a lot.

I tend to compare both iClone and CrazyTalk Animator more to something like BitStrips rather than typical production tools.

Basically any hobbyist can put animations together by dragging and dropping and to a certain extent modify prefabricated content. And there's nothing wrong with that, in fact i welcome it, its the same concept for companies that build model airplanes vs. passenger airplanes... the ones who build the scale models actually have to go the extra mile to make those models more efficient, easier to control, and almost fly themselves. So to a large extent iClone is to Maya what a high quality model airplane is to an actual passenger airplane. It makes it so even the most casual of users can produce films without necessarily having an animation background. Also that same person is doing the work in one tool that traditionally it takes several people to do.

What makes these tools stand out for someone like me who actually makes their living from animation, is that I can actually have that extra level of control for creating and integrating my own custom content. So combine that with something that's super easy to use and you can in fact provably create pixar quality films (the key is in the "you") espcially now that you have access to a decent renderer.

DKStudios: How do you export an iclone project into a video you can upload to YouTube?

capemedia: Very well said and put across.  Thanks Mike :)

cameron hines: Genesis At Work. Warlord your tutorials have help me with iclone in so many ways. THANKS 

gettaroboshinwun: I agree i am soo tired of the Autodesk is better than iclone argument. They are 2 totally different things.Iclone works with these programs ,now Warlord ya have to do one on Daz,Iclone,and Poser.

LAWLESSTECH: Bravo! You sold me, wait, I already have it.

SmallWStudio: Well said and demonstrated bud!!!!!
iClone 6 - What is it? 5 out of 5

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iClone 6 - What is it?